TourMega is growing as the largest AI-powered search engine and chatbot to serve travel activities around the world

Traveling is much more than hopping on a plane to explore the fanciest destinations on your vision board – it’s the people you meet while walking down the street, the sites you see that make you curiously wild, and the strength you feel that repairs the pieces of you that were once broken.

If you haven’t traveled in the last six months, your mind may be fetching for the next moment of tranquility that will take your breath away. But if you’ve been working over 60 hours a week, you may not even have the time or mental space to think about planning a trip (at least that’s not as bad as planning your performance review meeting with your emotionally detached boss. But still, we know it’s work). That’s why TourMega is a perfect place for embarking on a new journey. It provides you with a large inventory of travel tours that makes planning your next excursion convenient, efficient, and cost-effective.

TourMega, the Silicon Valley-based company, has served thousands of travelers right from its establishment in the year 2017 and now it has become a one-stop destination for tours and activities around the world.

TourMega is an AI-powered search engine featuring more than 250,000 tours and activities in 6,000 cities of 190 countries. It centralizes a huge and fragmented market where travelers can easily search and book their dream tours. Machine learning algorithms ensure the best travel recommendations to the audience based on their unique interests and preferences.

Aside from being a search engine, which mostly focuses on end consumers, TourMega is also actively adding B2B partnerships with hospitality companies worldwide. A few recent partnerships include:

  • Mews: A property management system that is connected to more than 1,000 hotels all over the world. 

  • Volo:An in-room tablet solution designed for the hospitality industry that provides guests with interactive touchscreen access to property amenities. 

  • Zayaan: The biggest online travel aggregator in Bangladesh.

  • WiFiTakeAway: A large data service provider for travelers in Spain

  • TixRez (OTCQX: TIXC)is a tours and activities wholesaler and white-label solution provider based out of Las Vegas.

TourMega is launching an exciting chatbot in Q1 2020 that will make use of in-house natural language processing algorithms. The technology, which will be deployed to Facebook Messenger,  Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other platforms for hoteliers, will allow travellers to speak with the chatbot naturally and get personalized travel recommendations as well as book a tour.

About TourMega:

TourMega was founded in November 2016 and is based in Silicon Valley, CA. It was created by a group of passionate adventurers who love to change the way people travel, and it is now the largest search engine for tours and activities. The prime mission of the company is to centralize a very large and fragmented market to make the search and booking process easier for travelers while also providing a global distribution channel for tour guides around the globe.

Q. What inspired you to create such a technologically advanced platform for the tourism world?

A. Given my background in building a search engine, in machine learning and my love for travel (having been to 26 countries), building this startup comes naturally when I realized the market was very fragmented and finding a tour, which is best suited me, and is cost-effective was a very difficult thing to do with endless sites to search from.

Q. How, according to you, AI-powered travel search engines can ease the travel experience of users?

Using our in-house NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, we are able to recognize users travels’ requests just from them speaking naturally, plug their requests in our systems and use in-house recommendation-engine to recommend the right activities based on their requests. We also learn about their travel interests and behaviors over time and able to recommend them better activities to improve their travel experiences

Q. Are these systems capable enough to make tours more cost-effective and comfort rich for the end-users?

Since our search engine has the largest inventory of attractions and activities worldwide, our users can leverage our system as a one-stop-shop to find the right tours and activities that would be not only cost-effective but also matches their travel needs with our in house recommendation engine.

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