MasterBeat Corporation (OTC: MSTO) is a Public Company with a Focus on High Value Real Estate and Precious Metals. MSTO Takes an Aggressive Approach on Asset Acquisitions

• New MSTO CEO has Expertise in High End Stoneworks / Business Model

• MSTO’s Assets are Income Generating, Profitable and Self-Sustaining

• Assets Include Over 900 oz of Silver & Gold Bullion as Inflation Hedge

• Acquisition of Major Florida Real Estate Property, Generating High Income

MasterBeat Corporation (OTC: MSTO) is specialized in asset acquisitions with an intense focus on real estate, precious metals, and other tangible assets. The company believes its progressive approach to an old school model, especially in this market based on fragile earnings multiples and uncertainty, to acquire hard, tangible assets will not only offer long term capital appreciation but also deliver revenues, profits, and self-sustainability. 

MSTO Subsidiary, SBQ Holdings, LLC, Provides 2019 Year End Update  

SBQ Holdings, LLC (SBQ), an MSTO subsidiary, recently provided an update on its 2019 year end and 2020 corporate vision. SBQ has effectively and efficiently executed its hard asset business model which focuses on real estate and precious metals acquisitions and management. Update details included the following milestone developments:

In June MSTO welcomed new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Josh Tannariello, also a principal owner at Eco Stoneworks, which for over 20 years, specializes in fabricating and installing beautiful granite, marble, and other natural stone countertops. Mr. Tannariello changed the MSTO business model to focus on the acquisition and management of hard assets, such as real estate and precious metals.  Concurrently, MSTO announced its asset operations subsidiary, SBQ Holdings, LLC. SBQ’s vision and business model’s initial real estate assets are income generating, profitable and self-sustainable, while also delivering asset appreciation, all of which generate shareholder value with minimal to zero dilution. 

Precious Metals and Real Estate Acquisitions 

In August MSTO announced the launch of its Precious Metals Division which is a natural and efficient hedge against fluctuating real estate and currency markets and their volatilities. SBQ currently owns 907 oz. of silver and gold bullion. In September MSTO announced the acquisition of the 7 bedroom, 7.5 bath, 3 story Verano Palace real estate asset in Miramar Beach, Florida, which has impressively generated over $130,000 in revenue over the trailing 12 months.

Successful MSTO accomplishments and activities in recent months have built a strong foundation to grow and execute SBQ’s aggressive M&A growth strategy for 2020. This M&A strategy will include the acquisition of multiple self-sustainable, profitable properties, and will hedge against real estate market fluctuations through the accumulation of precious metals.  

To help accelerate corporate growth, effectively and efficiently, MSTO is forming an Advisory Board to harness the experience and relationships of multiple seasoned real estate and hard asset professionals. 

Additionally, starting with the year-end (12/31/2019) annual financials, MSTO plans to audit its financials and disclosures to further expand on existing opportunities and to execute its aggressive 2020 M&A strategy. SBQ anticipates a meaningful increase in assets, revenue generation and access to non-dilutive capital to occur in 2020, as the company integrates its M&A strategy.

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