Tribal Business League Launches Tribal First Products

The Tribal Business League launches Tribal First Products, a line of convenience and grocery store products with indigenous ingredients.

Hayward, Wis – The Tribal Business League, a tribally-led, non-profit buying club, consisting of Lac Courte Oreilles, Lac du Flambeau, Bad River, Red Cliff and St. Croix tribes, launches its second phase of business development efforts. 

The Tribal Business League (TBL) has a highly detailed strategic plan to launch various phases of business development efforts, including convenience initiatives, Tribal First Products initiative, grocery store initiatives, casino group purchasing initiatives, and wholesale drop shipping with group discounts and exclusive products available to member tribes. 

Tribal Business Growth and Development

Since the inception of the Tribal Business League in October 2019, the TBL has taken amicable steps forward with various initiatives which benefit all member tribes with goods and services showing higher profit margins, initiating group buying negotiations with service providers for lower mutually beneficial service agreements with favorable terms, and improved service schedules with contracted vendors. 

Tribal First Artisan Pizza

Tribal Business League Launches Tribal First Products

February 1st, 2020 will include the launch of Tribal First Products starting with Artisan pizza.  The Tribal Business League will partner with two pizza manufacturers to produce both traditional lines of pizza and artisan lines. 

Tribal First Pizza will include flavors, such as; Chicken Wild Rice Pizza, BBQ Hawaiian Buffalo Chicken, and a proprietary Breakfast Pizza with Sausage Gravy. 

On January 15, 2020, the Tribal Business League conducted a coordinated pizza sampling event at the following locations; Legendary Waters Resort and Casino, Moccasin Trails Complex, Fourwinds Market, and LCO Country Store. 

This coordinated pizza sampling event brought for over 1,000 individuals sampling our proprietary pizza flavors, and providing feedback on which pizzas they felt more compelled to purchase once the coolers were filled with these products.

All pizzas sampled were taste tested and feedback was provided on a short paper form to help the Tribal Business League tally up the results and make informed decisions on volumes to purchase, carry, and leverage in the food warmer programs.

Tribal Business League Launches Tribal First Products

Tribal First Products

Additional considerations for Tribal First Products in 2020 will include bread, milk, juice, cereal, cheese, bottled water, beef jerky, snack sticks, bratwurst, coffee, and Premium CBD products, among other high demand items currently sold at each convenience and grocery store.

Currently, nearly 73% of all sales at tribal grocery stores include WIC and EBT approved items.  Part of our Tribal First Products initiative was to create WIC and EBT approved items to sell to our loyal customers.  In turn, the local customers are shopping local, supporting a local and tribally-owned brand, whereas proceeds go to local enterprise to support wages, employee training, workforce development and tribal economic development efforts. 

Next Phase of Development

The Tribal Business League will be undergoing a shark tank style expo with various grocery wholesalers and distributors servicing our current locations.  On February 12th, 2020 at the Lake of the Torches Resort Casino, the TBL will meet with six (6) grocery wholesalers and distributors to engage in an open RFP style presentation with a question and answer session. 

All vendors have the opportunity to share with the group which benefis they will bring to the group and why they are the best fit as a partner going forward.  Tribal grocery stores are a cornerstone for convenience as well as essential items.  In 2019 and 2020, the emergence of big box retail locations have entered areas of close proximity and predated on the disposable income of local shoppers. 

Much like the initial convenience store shark tank, which helped every convenience store and gas compete with the likes of Kwik Trip, Holiday and Marathons, the grocery group buy will help each tribe once again become competitive with lower prices, exclusive products, and loyalty programs. 

Recruitment and Growth Phases

The Tribal Business League holds a five (5) member board of directors whom contribute to the recruitment of new tribes, and new vendors.  In 2020, the focus is to help smaller tribes in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan join the group and gain immediate access to discounted prices, exclusive product, and our private label line. 

All tribes in the Tribal Business League have witnessed substantial savings simply by joining the group which requires no upfront investment, warehousing or bulk purchasing of high demand goods or services sold in their respective communities.

Additional benefits include the development of policies and procedures, employee recruitment and training best practices, software troubleshooting, as well as improved sales and marketing strategies of retail locations.

To learn more about the Tribal Business League, please visit, and any inquiries to join, please use the form provided on the website, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

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