Breakthrough One-Text System Allows Students to Process Credit Cards Quickly & Safely

Breakthrough One-Text System Allows Students to Process Credit Cards Quickly & Safely
Chuume™️ introduces new payment processing system that allows students to accept credit and debit card payments quickly anywhere in the country.

With an increasing amount of groups and organizations now opting for fundraising as a way to allocate seed money for their ventures, companies such as Chuume™️ aim to find creative solutions to simplify payment processing. Their proprietary framework for accepting credit card and debit card payments is highly versatile and can also be used for variety of applications including Jog-A-Thons, Walk-A-Thons, selling raffle tickets and more. Chuume™️ makes the process simple for donors or anyone making payments with a simple one-text process. This hassle-free method of payment processing further increases the fundraising group’s chance of receiving relatively more donations.

The Chuume™️ system gives students and groups a unique link that they send out as a text message to anyone looking to make a donation or payment. When the link is opened it provides a safe and secure way to make a donation or payment directly from a smart phone. Once the transaction is complete, Chuume™️ starts processing the payments immediately. Other fundraising platforms might take as long as 3 weeks to process the payments and make them available to the rightful owners but Chuume™️ only takes 5 business days for the entire process. While the Chuume™️ system was first used for donations and fundraisers, it can also be used by anyone to accept payments instantly anywhere in the country. 

A spokesperson for Chuume™️ made an official press statement to further discuss their innovative platform “Here at Chuume™️, we’ve been able to simplify the process of fundraising and accepting payments with our unique one-text system. This means you don’t need expensive card readers to accept donations or payments. We make it safe and easy for anyone, even kids to raise money by accepting debit or credit cards on the spot.” The spokesperson further added “With no apps, no account sign ups and no complicated software, we only charge a small fee with no hidden charges whatsoever. For fundraisers, 95% or the raised money goes to the group while we charge a small 5% of the total sum to cover our costs. With business payments, 100% of the amount goes to the company with a 5% fee that is paid by the end consumer.” 

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