Tenaj, A Hit Electronica Dance Music Artist, Announces Release Of New Single, ”Don’t Give A”, Featuring Ropatt

Tenaj, an award-winning electronic dance music artist, has announced the release of her upcoming single, “Don’t Give A”, featuring Ropatt, an accomplished musical talent. The new single, scheduled for release on February 10, 2020, is an invigorating new track that will leave listeners ready to dance like there is no tomorrow with its fun beats and electronica blends.

This new single follows the release of Tenaj’s major hits from last year, including “Party Without You” and “Be As I Am Metamorphosis,” which were released to raving audiences worldwide. Receiving critical acclaim and topping music charts worldwide, these tracks offered the perfect blend of future house, pop music, and electronica, which allowed them to resonate with listeners, and to produce vibrant club bangers and pop dance atmospheres in cities around the world.

Featuring Ropatt, a pop R&B, jazz, and hip-hop artist, “Don’t Give A” has the perfect blend of artistic talent and reflects Tenaj’s creative style and invigorating musical taste. Ready to make you dance and enjoy the time of your life, “Don’t Give A”, Tenaj’s first hit of 2020, is jammed pack with fun beats and her signature electronica style.

To listen to “Don’t Give A,” featuring Ropatt, please visit Soundcloud here.

An award-winning musical talent, Tenaj has won multiple Hollywood Music Awards for the Best Emerging Artist and Best EDM Song. Ranked number one for eight weeks on the Club Radio Charts in the United States, Tenaj has experienced similar success on the iTunes Top 100, Swiss Dance Charts, Radio AirPlay Now, Examiner, Record World Chart, and Edge Music.

To learn more about Tenaj and to follow her latest work, please visit her website and Ropatt site https://store.cdbaby.com/artist/ropatt.

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