A Brighter World – A story about identity and family, hurt and trust

A Brighter World - A story about identity and family, hurt and trust

“A Brighter World” by Anke Schönle
Anke Schonle entertains readers with a mix of inner monologues, dream sequences and flash backs.

Therapist Alexander Senne receives a new patient: 21-year-old Benjamin. According to his file he is prone to using violence, but stopped eating a few days ago. When Alexander meets him for the first time, he sees a young man, far too thin, who initially doesn’t want to speak to him. Benjamin is certain that he will be sent to prison no matter what he says. However, Alexander proves to him that he really wants to help, but that he has to learn the true story to do so. Benjamin has reached the bottom of his life, his mother died eight days ago and it is difficult for him to trust other people. But there is something trustworthy about the therapist. The therapist tries to help the young man, but then their relationship develops in a different way than expected.

Inner monologues, dream sequences and flashbacks run through Anke Schönle’s novel “How a Mother Consoles One”. They ensure that readers often know more than the people involved. The story revolves around the meaning of love and identity and the fate of a young man fighting for his future. The author tells an exciting story that entertains with profound characters and exciting twists, but also makes one think about relationships.

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