Travel Stand Desk Named #1 Portable Standing Desk For Travelers

I went from a top of the line treadmill desk to traveling the world while working from $2 chairs overnight, and it killed my productivity and ability to focus.
The Travel Stand Desk is the #1 portable standing desk for travelers. Weighing in at less than 7lbs, the Travel Stand Desk fits in your checked luggage. The Travel Stand Desk helps remote workers and digital nomads avoid the uncertainty of a poor working environment from AirBNBs and hotels.

Travel Stand Desk, the #1 portable stand desk for travelers.

What was initially a deep passion for preserving health while maintaining maximum work productivity, of this young entrepreneur, soon enough, became a mission to serve travelers and digital nomads, around the world, with premium and portable travel stand desks. 

Nick Jordan, the founder of Travel Stand Desk, explains that his fascination started back in 2013 when he read an article about CEO Of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff’s treadmill desk.

Nick Jordan, continued with “I was enamored by the idea of a treadmill desk because it meant I didn’t have to sacrifice my health to grind anymore. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it.”

Four years and a new job later, he made it happen. He finally bought a treadmill desk, walking over 1,000 miles and losing 30 pounds over a two year period.

Later on, at the beginning of 2019, he decided to travel the world and work outside of the office. He went on chasing his dreams but soon realized that working from AirBnB apartments proved to be a lousy experience. It was damaging his neck and back again while cutting productivity and comfort short. 

Nick decided that he would never spend 8 hours per day sitting in a cheap chair again.

Nick spent months looking at portable standing desks but couldn’t find anything that was light enough to travel, small enough for checked luggage, and kept his keyboard and monitor at the optimal height for long term ergonomics. After two months, Nick gave up and decided to solve the problem himself, leading to starting Travel Stand Desk, a company focused 100% on travelers and digital nomads who were experiencing the same issues he had. 

The Travel Stand Desk allows for adjustable height levels which prevent annoying neck and back pain from bending too much. Having standing desk in your workspace not only helps lower the risk of weight gain and obesity but also risks of heart disease. And on top of that, mixing up a standing desk in your workflow helps you stay productive longer.

Now with a 100% remote team in place, shipping from Europe and the US, Travel Stand Desk is serving customers from all around the world, one traveling stand desk at a time.

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