InSure offers the best insurance for the crypto portfolios

InSure offers the best insurance for the crypto portfolios

Fraud affects organizations of all types and sizes in a wide range of industries and regions. The consequences can be direct, through financial losses or indirect, through fines and reputational consequences. 

Blockchain is an ideal technology for fighting fraudsters. This is a joint and protected from unauthorized access records of actions that are marked by time and verified by a distributed network of computers.

Money transactions require time for settlements, transfer of currencies, and intermediaries can also complicate everything. Multistage transactions, especially those in which people participate, are of greatest interest to fraudsters. Blockchain will help make transactions visible and in real-time. Transactions will only take place after all parties agree to them. This will reduce time, costs and reduce the risk of fraud.

Offering the Best Insurance for the Crypto Portfolios

We were tired of seeing people being scammed and having their hard-earned money disappear. Our solution will protect your portfolio from scammers and unexpected losses.

We provide different plans that very clear and simple to understand.

Our Main Services

We are proud to provide the best insurance for your crypto portfolio. Our experience in computer science and actuarial science made us professionals in insurance of the crypto world.

InSure offers the best insurance for the crypto portfolios:

– Fast Transactions

Our inSure Token is running on Ethereum MainNet. Currently, the average transaction time is close to 30 sec. When Ethereum 2.0 will be released we are expecting 2-3 sec per transaction.

– Technical Capabilities

inSure token is running on the Ethereum Network, which allows you to use the same Wallets that you are already accustomed to using.

– Secure and Reliable

Immutable transactions and traceability provide the best security without compromising privacy.

– 24/7 Support

We are building the first crypto-insurance system that provides support 24/7 around the world.

Acquire SURE tokens

In order to ensure your crypto portfolio, you simply need to purchase/acquire SURE tokens from available exchanges.

Insurance will become effective immediately when SURE tokens are placed into the wallet.

How to add inSure token to your wallet?

inSure token can be easily added to any ERC20 compatible wallets. Simply copy the information below: token address and symbol to the custom token tab. We believe everything has to be easy!

Wallets that support inSure token

We strive to provide the best experience. That’s why we support the following wallets: 

  • Mist
  • Metamask
  • myEtherWallet
  • Parity
  • imToken
  • Eidoo


You can exchange other crypto to inSure on the following exchanges (we are continuously working to add other exchanges):

  • STEX is a primary Exchange to trade SURE.
  • Vindax

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