ELD Mandate Enforcement Sends Truck Drivers Scrambling For the Best ELD Devices

January 30, 2020 – The ELD Mandate which went into full enforcement on December 16, 2019, has opened a new chapter in the trucking and fleet management industry as all available data points to a sharp surge in the number of searches for ELD Devices. According to Uberssugest, the search query for ELD devices surged from 160 to 1588 mobile searches on Google, with https://bestelddevices.com coming up as the best resource for evaluating ELDs on Google.

Property-Carrying drivers who do not have an ELD will be declared out of service for 10 hours, while passenger-carrying drivers without an ELD will receive eight hours out of service penalty as well. Although drivers were given two years for effective transition, there are still thousands of drivers still scrambling to get their ELD as they search online for the best ELD devices.

The ELD Mandate is great for safety as drivers will now be forced to comply and truly play by the rules. The soft enforcement over the past two years has given all stakeholders enough time to either transit or fully get used to using ELD devices instead of the old AORBD logbooks,” says Justin Grau.

He says further, “The increase in demand for ELDs after the forced implementation did not come as a total surprise as it has been anticipated that some drivers will take the last-minute dash to comply with the new regulation. We might continue to see an uptick in the number of searches for ELD drivers in the coming months. There are also a handful of ELD manufacturers with each of them fighting hard to get a good share of the market.”

For more information about ELD guidelines, contact Justin at admin@bestelddevices.com.

Finding the right ELD is very important for drivers to comply fully and avoid exposing themselves to any form of penalty whatsoever. Some of the various ELD brands in the market include Keep Truck In, GARMIN eLog, Stoneridge EZ-ELD, Blue Ink Bit, Peoplenet ELD, Samsara ELD, and others. Drivers should therefore ensure the ELD device is on the FMCSA list of approved products, as using a non-compliant ELD will require replacing it with a compliant ELD solution within eight days.

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