DTM Diesel & Petrol Specialists Now Offers DPF Cleaning and Van Servicing

DTM Diesel & Petrol Specialists Now Offers DPF Cleaning and Van Servicing

Bristol, United Kingdom – DTM Diesel & Petrol Injection Specialists is excited to announce it now offers DPF cleaning and van servicing in Bristol. The company is a provider of vehicle diagnostics, repairs, and tests for diesel fuel injectors and pumps. With the newest services, they hope to expand the offerings for commercial vehicle maintenance.

DTM’s DPF cleaning in Bristol targets diesel particulate filters, which trap harmful diesel exhaust soot particles. To clean the DPF, the team burns the particles off at extremely high temperatures and regenerates the filter. With the DPF cleaning service, the company aims to eradicate harmful particles from filters so that diesel vehicles can operate at peak performance. To learn more about DPF cleaning, those interested can visit http://www.dtmfuel.co.uk/dpf-cleaning.htm

The other latest offer from DTM is its van servicing. The company notes that routine servicing is essential for any vehicle’s upkeep, regardless of how new it is but especially for commercial vehicles. When clients bring their cars to DTM, the team will create a custom service plan based on the vehicle’s needs and the driver’s habits. The custom plan includes general diagnostics, fuel pump tests, filter replacements, brake operations, and more. DTM recommends carrying out a routine van servicing every year. The company promises a thorough and effective servicing. More information about van servicing is available at http://www.dtmfuel.co.uk/van-servicing-bristol.htm

To avail of these services, DTM invites new customers to book appointments online. By entering a car registration on the company’s website, visitors can get an instant quote and book an appointment for free. The company believes in being transparent with clients and working with them to offer the most reasonable prices.

The company has gained a solid reputation among vehicle maintenance providers. DTM’s team of expert technicians conduct comprehensive cleaning and repair services. They understand that a reliable and safe vehicle is essential for many businesses, and it is the company’s mission to help its clients maintain and protect their diesel cars.

Located at https://goo.gl/maps/iz8a2ckimAb4PXLc8, DTM Diesel & Petrol Injection Specialists work in Bristol and the surrounding area. They have the backing of industry giants like Bosch and Denso. With over 250 years of combined experience, the team’s mission is to continue providing outstanding customer service while expanding its offers to include DPF cleaning and van servicing.

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