“The Next Big Thing”: Up-and-Coming Singer Connor Byers releases new single, “For You”

LA-based singer Connor Byers, continues to stand out with his new single, For You, the first single from his upcoming project.

Connor Byers is fresh off the release of his sophomore project, “Magic Moments”, and coming back bigger than ever.  The singer’s last single from the project, titled “Sorry”, currently has over half a million Spotify plays and charted across the globe.  Byers spent the last six months traveling the world playing music, moving to L.A, and starting work on his upcoming project, which he calls “the biggest thing I’ve worked on so far”.

The 18-year-old artist has slowly made a name for himself by releasing projects since 2014.  Byers writes, produces, and records almost his entire catalogue and the work he has put in has paid off.  Byers built an army of over 30,000 Instagram followers (on his account “connor.music”), and half a million Youtube views.  Connor describes his music as “if Ed Sheeran, Danial Caesar, and Shawn Mendes all combined into one.”  It certainly creates a unique and appealing sound.

“Throughout my childhood, I was exposed to so many different artists and styles of music and that definitely affects my writing and production.  Bob Marley, The Beatles, [and] Miles David were all present in my childhood and I think it definitely shows through my music,” said Byers.  In “For You,” you can hear RnB and Soul influences through his electric guitar, the influence of modern day musicians like Danial Caesar through the minimalistic production style, and the romanticism of the song’s lyrics.

The music video for the song was released alongside it on February 7th, and has already received support from fans and music lovers.  The song is a ballad, dedicated to Byers’ love and a tribute to his romantic nature.  Byers sings, “you’re my edilwiess, my four leaf clover,” on the songs chorus, one of many tributes he plays to the world around him.  Throughout the song, Byers shows off his skills as an elite songwriter, even at such a young age.   Byers hasn’t release much information about his upcoming project, but it is said to be in the works and expected “sometime in 2020”.  “I want to get it perfect,” Byers mentions, “before I release it… I want it to be a piece of art I can be proud of in 20 years.  So much of my past work has been conforming to pop formulas and I really want to branch out my musical prowess on this record.”  Connor’s fans wait with anticipation for what the young star may produce.

More information about Connor Byers can be found on his website. The Georgia-based singer and rapper is also available across several digital platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.

About Connor Byers  

Connor Byers is a talented musician from Athens, Ga, who has been able to build a substantial following with his unique music style. Byers takes inspiration from Shawn Mendes, The Beatles, Bon Iver, Miles Davis, and more. His music is a “fusion of genres” into a unique style that has gained him over 50,000 Instagram Followers.

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