VIP STARNETWORK Offers Excellent Health Services for Film Professionals

VIP STARNETWORK Offers Excellent Health Services for Film Professionals

Excellent Health Services for Film Industry in Albuquerque NM
Established in 2018, VIP STARNETWORK is dedicated to providing excellent health services for film professionals, their cast and crew members, who are away from their regular physicians.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – February 10, 2020 – VIP STARNETWORK, the leading medical consultant for film industry, offers a direct purchase health management program for film professionals, their cast and crew members. They work with the aim to provide top-notch medical attention to film professionals who are away from their home and regular physician.

When asked about this, “People who are constantly away from home and their regular doctors continually face limited access to quality or consistent healthcare. At VIP STARNETWORK, our professionals are revolutionizing how the film industry offers healthcare benefits and increases healthcare access,” replied the spokesperson of VIP STARNETWORK, a group of leading doctors on film sets.

VIP STARNETWORK provides unique opportunity to provide care to your high profile executive team members through a patient-care model that matches your needs to the right physicians.  They recruit only the best trained and experienced doctors.

The on set physician and clinician is available 24×7 with quick response time. They are available in On-call/SKYPE instant consult connection app, QLIQ, and more for easy access. They have easy online access to all your personal health records and they can review them anytime, anywhere.

“Our doctors are developing a new concept for actors and movie producers. This concept could well be one of the most significant changes in both medical service and actor safety to come upon the industry in years.”

The professionals at VIP STARNETWORK excels in providing health services for film industry. This includes actors and crew members in rural areas.

“Giving New Mexico residents and students access to film educators and the Unions that work with the film industry here is a vital part of helping to connect our residents with the tools they need to work in our thriving entertainment industry,” said Todd Christensen, New Mexico Film Office Director.

Easy online access to your health record, and expedited referrals to specialists with efficient coordination are available. They also provide medical services for clients who plan to travel.


As a pioneer in the industry, VIP STARNETWORK provides exceptional medical services to film professionals, and their cast and crew members, who are away from their regular physician.

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