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When you’re looking for inexpensive off-road RC cars, it can be difficult to find something that performs well when you take it into rough terrains.

RCCARBASHING will provide you with some of the best reviews and buyer guides for hobbyists and intending buyers. Buying an Off-Road RC car is not rocket science, but there are some factors to consider that can make your purchase easier.  There is also a blog post about the necessary equipment for starting this wonderful hobby.

RCCARBASHING is the newbie’s guide to the best Off-Road Remote-Controlled Cars. It offers meticulous reviews for good price, good quality RC cars. RCCARBASHING identifies and communicates the various strengths and weaknesses of the varieties of RC Crawlers/ Off roaders and further provides the best advice on its best usage.

The RCCARBASHING site, among other things features a durable and user-friendly interface in basic vocabulary. RCCARBASHING has proven to be the best over time and has never failed to thrill its many visitors with a comprehensive easy-to-follow descriptive format. This indeed distinguishes them from other RC Cars review sites.  There is also a text to speech function in the blog, so that you can listen to the tips whenever you want. 

At RCCARBASHING, the reviews show that everyone’s need are different, and requirements also differ. They have put this into consideration as they make every possible choice available at the visitor’s disposal.

Forums have been added for gaining friendships and exchanging ideas about RC cars, and now you also have a chance to win an Amazon coupon ($50).


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Wltoys 144001:
WPL B24:

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Carlos A. Santos RCCARBASHING is maintained by Carlos A. Santos, a computer teacher and an RC Car hobbyist. He has been searching for the best RC crawler (Off Road car) for 30 years and considers RC Crawlers/Rock Racers as powerful Off-Road Cars.

He likes playing RC cars from Tamiya, SCX10 and some Chinese manufacturers such as WPL, HSP and Wltoys. 

He has a degree in Business and Information/Programming and loves building things and solving problems. In his blog, he discusses everything related to Off Road Cars such as RC Rock Crawlers, Rally Cars, And Buggies.


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