Premier Body and Laser High Definition Liposuction Help Patient to Improve Their Appearance

Premier Body and Laser High Definition Liposuction Help Patient to Improve Their Appearance
“Premier Body and Laser offer High Definition Liposuction. It helps the patient to reshape their body and reach their ideal physical goal.”

Exercise and diet are necessary to bring a good and sexy body shape, especially for women. In some cases, surgery and beauty treatment can be needed to have the perfect result for body sculpting. Nowadays, many clinics offer this service at cosmetic surgery centers. These kinds of clinic are available in all areas in the U.S. as well as in other countries. As for Spokane, Washington, Premier Body and Laser is the leading clinic that offers several services to beautify one’s body shape and appearance.

Dr. Hagerty, the head of Premier Body and Laser clinic, is board-certified with more than 15 years of experience. Regarding this clinic service, he stated, “I am thrilled to help patients to get their physical goals and give them satisfaction for its result. More importantly, I want to help them to gain more confidence in their confidence.” What he said also becomes one of the visions of this clinic, which is, “Beauty has so many forms… The most beautiful thing is confidence.”

Premier Body and Laser’s most popular service is the High Definition Liposuction. They don’t use common technology or equipment like standard liposuction and body sculpting surgery. This clinic uses new technology that utilizes the vibration to remove fats and reshape the patient’s body. This method allows for removing more fats than standard equipment. This vibration-based technique also reduces the risk and damage caused by the liposuction process on the tissue that surrounded by fats. Mostly, people see liposuction as the beauty treatment designed for women. However, the liposuction services from this clinic accept men and women patients.

The high definition lipo service can be applied to many areas in the patient’s body. Flank and abdomen are two common areas that need some reshape work. Other than this area, thighs, buttocks, back, and arms are also a common area to apply. For men, this clinic also provides a service for reshaping the chest area. This service solves the gynecomastia problem on men, where too many fats stored on the chest area that make this area on men looks like women’s breast.

Premier Body and Laser clinic also offer three other cosmetic surgery services. The patient can get tattoo removal service, skin rejuvenation as well as fat transfer. The team of experts with many experiences are ready to provide the service for those who need it, lead by Dr. Hagerty. Combining with superior equipment, the censure to give what patients want to reach their physical goal.

For more information about this Medspa Spokane, Premier Body and Laser, one can visit their official website at They also provide free consultation service for those who want to ask more about what the services the clinic offers and about each procedure.

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Premier Body and Laser is a beauty clinic located outside of Spokane, Washington. Led by Dr. Hagerty, this clinic provides top cosmetic surgery treatment for those who are looking to improve their appearance.

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