Yulbert Zambrano Achieves Stunning Success In the Beauty And Makeup Domain in The USA

Yulbert Zambrano Achieves Stunning Success In the Beauty And Makeup Domain in The USA

Instagram: @Yulbertz
Yulbert Zambrano becomes a name to reckon with in an incredibly short time in the highly competitive beauty and makeup business in the United States.

Yulbert Zambrano, an acclaimed name in the beauty and makeup industry, has been taking great strides with her unique skills and specialization in this domain. She is also one of the leading social media influencers along with her husband, making them a much-in-demand celebrity couple.

“The USA offers numerous opportunities to those who come to this country with big dreams,” says Yulbert Zambrano on how she pursued success. “I arrived at a young age here and quickly grasped how to take advantage of the opportunities that came my way pretty fast. You just have to work hard to realize your dreams and achieve your goals.”

Yulbert left her homeland Venezuela Maracay pretty early in life as she was driven by the ambition to make it big in the US. She became a US citizen in 2017. Today she is a popular name on numerous social networks. In a short span of just 10 years, she has achieved in the United States what others can only dream of.

Yulbert Zambrano has made a name for herself as a highly successful businesswoman, makeup artist and creator of beauty content. She specializes in eyelashes and has her own studio in Miami by the name Fairy of Lashes. She has a wonderful team of girls who support her work of making women look beautiful and attractive. 

Yulbert married the famous internet star and humorist Marco Pérez in 2017 in the city of Miami in a ceremony called “La Kukardioboda”. The marriage ceremony was attended by several stars of the Venezuelan entertainment industry. These included Ligia Petit, Inés María Calero, Laura Chimaras, and many others. They have a daughter together called Amor.

Yulbert is an inspiration to others wanting to make it big in the world of beauty. She has been providing all the support and guidance that people need to become successful in the beauty industry in the USA

According to Yulbert, her plans for the future include expanding the operation of Fairy of Lashes to other countries so that women from more places can benefit from her unique skills

Yulbert is passionate about the world of eyelashes and her studio has been able to make great contributions to this field.

Yulbert and her husband are both megastars on Instagram. She posted for the first time on his Instagram account in February 2013 under the name Yulbertz.

Through their Instagram accounts that have 6.1 million and 850 thouson followers, the celebrity couple keep sharing videos of their daughter, a little girl who has not only stolen their hearts but also that of their followers. Little “Amor”, who is also famous for social networks, has starred with her parents in several of the videos made by the humorist Marko.

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