ATIS uses cryptography for distributed recording and storage to protect privacy “freely”

Recently, ATIS proposes a new concept: privacy will be protected with “freedom”. ATIS has always advocated that “equality” cannot be realized without privacy and “freedom” cannot be achieved without privacy!

ATIS holds that users want privacy to be protected because they do not want to be “transparent”. To some extent, privacy means dignity and safety. In an era when AI prediction is highly developed, if any user’s historical data is leaked out, then all his or her behaviors will be transparent, which will eventually become the “target” that others can predict.

ATIS also suggested that privacy is a right that gives users the power to decide what to disclose and what not to disclose. If others want to know about privacy to achieve a certain purpose, this means that privacy can represent exploitable wealth and is a business opportunity.

The information of users in the Internet age is undoubtedly precious. However, the current environment is full of loopholes everywhere. Such a huge amount of information is stored in a centralized Internet platform, but users cannot profit from it. Almost all of its value has been seized by large-scale Internet platforms. The data wealth originally belonging to the users was taken away by others. When others use the information, they don’t need to ask for the users’ consent, even the users themselves can’t detect it.

ATIS proposes that users need an opportunity to effectively protect their privacy and effectively use their privacy rights to get their own wealth!

For centuries, people have protected their privacy through whispers, darkness, envelopes, tight doorways, secret sign language, and postmen. However, past technologies cannot support reliable privacy. The development of technology, distributed accounting, cryptography and other electronic technologies have made privacy protection more effective and made it possible for privacy to create wealth for users.

In the ATIS Kingdom, all information will be recorded and stored in a cryptographically distributed manner, which is a right conferred by the code. No one can tamper with, no one can spy! The information records will be mapped into machine language, and a linear chain database will be established through the account; the increasing data will be based on the retroactive rollback consensus mechanism to identify the status of the account. People don’t need to know the details, and the system presents data and trust value.

In the ATIS Kingdom, the system is based on a distributed cryptography-protected data value system to achieve more credible dissemination, more transactions, and more dimensions of social governance.

Any user is eager for privacy to be protected, and also for a fairer, freer and richer future, and ATIS must defend it.

ATIS needs more faithful believers to participate in writing software. It uses code, anonymous email, digital signatures, and electronic money to defend the privacy of any user, and to protect the freedom and future of users.

Therefore, ATIS called on everyone to develop this software together. In fact, in the great cause of ATIS, there are many new generations of password punks. In the anonymous deep web, ATIS space protects users’ privacy and future through distributed relay.

At that time, ATIS will also open source its code so that ATIS users can use it. ATIS codes are free worldwide. Any blocking of ATIS is not a problem, because the software cannot be destroyed, and the complete distributed system never stops.

There are millions of geeks in deep web discussing ATIS in different forums. More “account” heroes are silently perfecting the system, and strive to contribute their own strength to the ATIS system. At the beginning of its establishment, the ATIS system adopted the essence of human civilizations, inclusiveness, self-discipline and positive returns. ATIS provides an opportunity for everyone who works hard to rise on the spot and create wealth. Every effort will spread and gain a positive response in the ATIS system.

Users are eager to join and eager to contribute their own power to enjoy the happiness that their efforts bring to other users.

Now ATIS is working towards the future. ATIS will unite all users to deploy these systems to create a better future for the privacy, freedom, and wealth of global users!

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