The Pr. Ibrahim Albalawi Was Awarded the French Medal of Merit and Devotion Under the Patronage of Mr Thierry Rayer

On 30 January 2020, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, the Permanent Delegation of the State of Kuwait, represented by His Excellency Mr Adam AL MULLA, organized a ceremony in honour of His Excellency M. Ibrahim ALBALAWI, Ambassador Permanent Delegate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO, during which he was awarded the French Medal of Merit and Devotion from the hands of its President, Mr Jean-Paul de BERNIS, under the patronage of Mr Thierry RAYER, President of the Cercle d’Etudes Scientifiques Rayer (CESR).

It was an emotional ceremony during which His Excellency was honoured for services rendered to the human community. The Association “MÉRITE ET DÉVOUEMENT FRANÇAIS“, founded in 1957, aims to encourage and reward people who, both in France and abroad, have activities that are likely to contribute to the prestige of France in the artistic, cultural, literary, scientific, sporting, social or humanitarian fields. It is held in the highest regard by the public authorities. Among the 60 personalities who make up its imposing Honorary Committee, all of whom have received the Grand Gold Medal, are the following: Hélène CARRÈRE d’ENCAUSSE (Permanent Secretary of the French Academy); David DOUILLET (former Minister); André ROSSINOT (former Minister); General CUCHE (former Chief of Staff of the Army and former Governor of the Invalides); Admiral J.P. TURC, etc. As well as a few names of missing persons: Charles Aznavour, “la Maréchale de LATTRE de TASSIGNY”; General Jacques MASSU and Jean COMBETTE (Grand-Croix of the Legion of Honour); Abbé PIERRE (Grand-Croix of the Legion of Honour); Louis LEPRINCE-RINGUET (Grand-Croix de la Légion d’Honneur – French Academy and Academy of Sciences); Alain DECAUX (former Minister and French Academy); Maurice GENEVOIX (Grand-Croix de la Légion d’Honneur and French Academy).

The association awarded prizes to 41,575 laureates from 45 countries on the 5 Continents. In France, among others, the SA Jeanne LANVIN in 2017. The “Maison Lanvin”, more than 125 years old, is the oldest French fashion house to date. The Société de Biologie in 2018, represented by its president William ROSTÈNE and whose grandfather was Thierry RAYER, Pierre RAYER, Grand-Croix of the Legion of Honor, member of the Institut de France, member of the National Academy of Medicine, member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and personal physician of Napoleon III, was the creator. Mr Bernard ARNAULT, Chairman and CEO of the LVMH Group, warmly thanked the President of the CESR for the highest distinctions that will soon be awarded to him by the French Merit and Devotion. Mr. Ibrahim ALBALAWI, University Professor, is Honorary President of the Arab world of the Cercle d’Etudes Scientifiques Rayer and member of its steering committee.

The video of the event:

On the occasion of the first session of this committee, Mr. ALBALAWI addressed the President of the CESR, Thierry RAYER, and all the personalities present at the working session on the discovery of the universality and common origin of the process of creation. (Let us recall that Mr. RAYER is at the origin of the creation of the Universae Analysis application, a playful and exciting application that will allow? to penetrate into the heart of knowledge and secrets of humanity in the fields of art and architecture. Excerpt from the speech by Mr ALBALAWI “It is an honour and a pleasure for me to be with you to participate in this first meeting of the Cercle d’Etudes Scientifiques Rayer. On this occasion, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members and I am delighted by the honour they have bestowed on me by appointing me as one of the Honorary Presidents. This is a precious opportunity for me to make a modest contribution to the work of the steering committee. The element “knowledge and know-how of the process of Creation” reminds us how essential it is to return to the fundamentals of humanity. Rediscovering the common origin of cultures is not only symbolic. This rediscovery is also concrete. It is even more necessary than ever to give new impetus to human civilization. One of the ways of achieving this is to enhance the value of the universal in order to pave the way for reconciliation, cultural understanding and peace.

Discovering, rediscovering and promoting the cultural heritage of the countries of the world, particularly through artistic and aesthetic exploration, provides resources for illuminating the past and building the future. Shedding new light on the universal cultural foundations of humanity will help to build a viable future around shared values by drawing inspiration from the common founding cultural past. One of the objectives of the Steering Committee of the Cercle d’Etudes Scientifiques Rayer is to work in this direction.

Her Excellency Princess Haifa Bint Abdul Aziz AL-MUQRIN has been called upon to succeed Professor Ibrahim ALBALAWI at UNESCO. We are confident that the appointment of the Princess to this post will be a landmark achievement of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims to empower Saudi women and improve their work in leadership positions. UNESCO members and several NGOs have welcomed the nomination and wish that it will be a source of inspiration for all the women of the world. It is worth mentioning that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays a leading role in UNESCO as a member of its Executive Board for the period.

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