Popstar Aaron Paul & Fine Art Artist, Musician Gregory Petan Receive United Nations, UNCG Cultural Award for “A WORLD SONG” for Peace

British Recording Artist Aaron Paul, was cited for his outstanding contribution to society through his commitment to supporting inclusivity and diversity through his music, reaching across global cultural boundaries, paving the way for individuals to rise above repression. Gregory Petan, an accomplished fine arts artist and gifted guitarist, was cited for his art and music which resonates across multi-cultural platforms to promote world peace.

The collaboration of these two talented artists was an event waiting to happen. Together, they dedicated their new single, A World Song, to the United Nations and the event’s general assemblage. ‘A World Song produced and written by Aaron, and co-produced and mixed by legendary reggae music studio audio engineer Paul ‘Virgo’ Bent of Workin Class Musik. “This is truly different from anything I’ve ever worked on before and collaborating with Gregory which was such a blessing,” says Paul. I’m thrilled to have been introduced to him by the legendary award-winning entertainment industry producer and humanitarian, Lucia Kaiser.

#Popstar Aaron Paul, & Fine Art Artist & Musician Gregory Petan At UNCG “Chinese Spring Festival”, ASA College, New York City, 1/29/2020
Photography by David Warren Images
#APMusicENT c/o 2020

We have the perfect synergy between two artists striving for social change. With its mix of different cultural instruments and even the sound of elephants crying out, we believe the lyrical message stands on its own, connecting people from every corner of the world. It’s a message we truly believe in and feel proud to stand behind.” Petan commented, “Music is the universal language and the goal here was to create a song to help unite the human race universally. We all have a story and it makes life worth living when we strive to help each other by recognizing we’re all the same. “That’s so true, says, Paul. “We all need love and support no matter who we are or where we live. And we can be whatever we want to be. Ancient is our world, and every one is unique. We must never give up hope in life. Music is the bridge to global unity bringing cultures together in one voice for self-acceptance and world peace.” Petan says, “Working with Aaron gave me the opportunity to incorporate earth elements and the sounds of wildlife into the mix. Two of Gregory Peten’s artwork designs are featured and displayed on the ‘A World Song’ art cover sleeve design. Two very original beautiful and intricate mosaic, hand-sketched, medallion sized embalms of an Elephant and Cheetah, both representing each artist.

British Recording Artist Aaron Paul, Sings ‘A World Song’ NYC, 02/06/20
Featured Custom Artwork By Gregory Petan (With Permission)
Photo Credit by Polymathy Inc. Photography
#APMusicENT c/o 2020

My artwork incorporates mosaic crystals and images of wildlife into it to help bridge the visual divide between continents.” Gregory’s career has crisscrossed between the music world and the art arena for decades as a commercial artist and back again as a guitarist working with many kinds of music greats including Voice finalist and leader of Brass Against the Machine lead singer Sophia Urista, Grammy winner Jazz violinist and Professor at University of Texas, Scott Tixier-Grammy winner for his role in the latest Lion King soundtrack (with Hans Zimmer) and his twin brother, world-renowned Jazz Pianist Tony Tixier. Petan hosted Tony’s vinyl record release for Life of Sensitive Creatures as well.

The #Rockstar & his Guitar, Musician Gregory Petan At #CrosbyStreetRunway, Soho, New York City, Feb 2020
Photography by David Lamer Photography
#APMusicENT c/o 2020

As a successful illustrator Gregory worked on several international campaigns including Corona Beer, Miller Beer, Ford Motors, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and 7-Up along with a retinue of fortune 500 companies. Peten’s connections to the music industry inspired him to host a private salon performances in his home with his wife Diane, who along with her business partner Leslie Byron are in the process of designing and launching their new brand fashion line for women called ‘DUETTE NYC’. An Invitation to one of these soirees are highly coveted.

Meet “The Band”, #Popstar Aaron Paul, Model: @cleonehopland, & Fine Art Artist & Musician Gregory Petan At #CrosbyStreetRunway, Soho, New York City
Photography by David Lamer Photography
#APMusicENT c/o 2020

“It’s been a real blessing and honor to stand side by side with Gregory to receive this award. We never expected recognition. We totally jumped at this opportunity to work together for the love of music and our mutual quest for good. It brought us to the conclusion that we need to work more together and we’re currently rehearsing with an all-star band of amazing musicians!

We have a few live performances together during this week’s #NYFW, including at the Calvin Gavin Fashion Show Gala benefiting woman fighting to conquer illness attributed to a cancer diagnosis. Don’t miss this event to be held Wednesday, February 12th, 2020, at 6 pm, during their VIP reception which is being produced by Rick Galvin, and NYC multi-media and fashion publicist, Ivonne Camacho, CEO, Creative Director and founder of Absolute Moderne PR.” and also featuring one of my personal favorites, luxury purse designer and model Avadora Mimouni, who is walking the runway with her new purse designs from her Avadora Mimouni Collection along with the Models Of Philanthropy, who all I just love”.

Purchase Tickets To Attend The Calvin Gavin Fundraising Fashion Show, Gala Event Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/carol-galvin-nyfw-fundraising-gala-feat-sirs-qaysean-avadora-mimouni-tickets-88325609275


Aaron Paul Featuring Gregory Petan – A World Song (United Nations #UNCG World Mix) – SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/aaronpaulofficial/aaron-paul-a-world-song-total-mix

Aaron Paul Featuring Gregory Petan – A World Song (United Nations #UNCG World Mix) – YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/q0jXyshgg2A


Produced & Arranged by #APMusicENT (Aaron Paul) & #WorkinClassMusik (Paul ‘Virgo’ Bent)

Mixed by Paul ‘Virgo’ Bent – #WorkinClassMusik

Aaron Paul – All Vocals

Electric Guitar Performed by Gregory Petan

Song Lyrics by Aaron Poole – APMusicENT c/o 2020

#ArtSleeveDesign by #APMusicENTc/o2020

Featuring Original #Artwork By #GregoryPetan c/o 2020 (with permission)

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