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GOEX is the top blockchain asset trading platform in the world. Obtained numbers of investments in financial projects by its strong basis  since the establishment in 2017. Compliance team has been built in different countries such as US, Japn, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We always adhere to a servicing belief – Customer First, in order to provide blockchain fans from all of the world a secure, professional and convenient trading service for high quality digital assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC.

Founder team of the platform comes from different top international digital currency exchange such as Binance, Huobi, OKEX which are very experienced in blockchain, digital currency and derivatives. The team firmly believes that the digital value driven by blockchain technology will become one of the most transformative themes in 21st century. To this end, GOEX team will keep challenging by making use of leading development to provide a series of products to serve and develop the emerging blockchain industry.

GOEX is the first professional exchange adopting CFD trading in digital currency. It supports two way transactions, long and short. Including leveraged transactions, perpetual contract transactions, mining, storage etc. Platform has accumulated more than one million users. And over a hundred millions in transaction volume.

Leveraged transactions, as known as margin trading. Essentially, it uses a small amount of liquid funds to multiply the initial amount of the investment. That is, traders do not need to pay a full amount for the contract value but a certain percentage of margin. In our platform, orders can be placed with margin of only 20 USD, up to 50X leverage.

Here is an example of the difference between margin and real trading. Assume placing an order of BTC/USDT at the price of 10,000. 10,000 USD is required as the principal in real trading. But 200 USD only in margin trading. That is to say, 10,000 USD principal can be used to trade an equivalent value of 50 BTC.

Perpetual contract is a financial derivative between traditional spot and futures with no delivery date. It supports up to 100X flexible leverage. GOEX has launched 3 currencies (USDT, BTC and ETH). There are a variety of choices for traders.

For providing a better service to GOEX traders, we create a digital currency mine. Traders can earn digital assets with zero pay by registration, daily login, friends invitation etc. GOEX provides insurance investment methods, lock mining, which is similar to bank wealth management to risk evaders. That is, traders can deposit their own digital digital currency assets into the GOEX PoS mine. Actualizing Staking dividend income with no risk according to days of deposit.

GOEX has obvious advantages in other aspects compared with other exchanges:

In terms of security, multi-layer, multi-cluster system. Bank level SSL security, hot and cold wallet, multiple level authentication

In terms of technical support, powerful pair-up engine and high mobility. Speed of transaction pair up engine can reach 50000 transactions/second. 1 billion USD daily trading volume, up to 10 millions 24h traders. Intelligent trading system, one-click stop profit/loss, stop loss tracking.

7*24hr online, multilingual in customer service.

Since the establishment of GOEX, we obtained numbers of recognition and honors in the industry. Such as US NFA license, becoming the favourite of US digital currency users and passed for the security certification of Wooyun in 2019.

GOEX will keep the belief in mind and keep moving forward in the future.

Somethings big is coming in digital currency field. BTC has soared to 9500 USD. 10000 USD is just around the corner. If you are optimistic about digital currency assets, GOEX welcomes you and pay our best effort to serve you.

Link: www.goex24.com/en_us/?sign=firecoin&gooSource=rw

The most preferable digital currency platform in the world.

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