Announcing The Launch Of AgentSafeWalk, A Multi-Channel Security Platform Bolstering Real Estate Agents Personal Safety

“Agent Safe Walk, a proprietary emergency notification platform, features a “true” two-way notification system. It’s the ultimate companion for unaccompanied real estate agents”

Miami, FL – AgentSafeWalk is a communication and personal safety platform providing real estate agents a voice in their personal safety. Mobile anytime and anywhere, the application is built for real estate agents who often show properties to the public, but unfortunately, there are always certain individuals whose only “true” motive is to cause harm to others.

Over the past two years, their varied industry programs have been implemented in a multitude of businesses and schools. Their expansion into the real estate agent industry represents a natural progression to promote safety and security in an industry whose professionals often work alone in unfamiliar settings.

With the SafeWalk system, real estate agents define their security protocols and emergency responses. In the case of unaccompanied real estate agents, just before a scheduled showing, the agent deploys the Agent Safe Walk App. Within seconds they are connected with either a designated monitor at their main office or a virtual monitor. Via live streaming video, the monitor will now see and hear everything as if they were in the same room as the agent. The monitor will also have immediate access to the agent’s location, personal and identifying profile, and two-way chat and voice functionality. The agent may also upload a copy of the prospect’s identification if its available.

Real Estate Developer and Commercial Safety expert Dave Rafel reflected on the need for improved safety measures.

“Real estate agent safety is an overlooked but pressing issue. I’m constantly looking at potential properties. I would estimate that half the properties I’m shown are shown by unaccompanied female real estate agents, most whom I had just exchanged texts or emails with before the scheduled showings. I immediately realized that “even” dating sites require complete background checks of individuals before they allow contact information to be exchanged. Yet there are no safety precautions in place for real estate agents. I believe AgentSafeWalk to be a simple, yet highly effective solution and the ultimate companion for unaccompanied real estate agents”.

For more information, or to request a 30-day trial, please contact AgentSafeWalk at 305-834-4078 or visit

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