Gullah Jac and the Burning Tree Book Publishing Company has joined hands to bring forth a 6-book series to shed light on the unsolved mysteries

Charleston’s heir is back to share his story and wisdom!

USA – According to a preserved document, Gullah Jac was rendered deceased on July 12, 1822, due to a criminal case.

This year, however, Godfrey KHill (Gullah Jac), a full-blooded Gullah Geeche, Charleston’s only Native Gullah historian, Root-Doctor, tour-guide, and published author has announced his presence in front of the world.

Godfrey KHill’s strength is backed by the fact that he is the only man who can prove the bloodline of Jesus Christ the Gullah Redeemer and his blood related kindred people to be the Gullah Geechie people of Charleston South Carolina. Things become more interesting when it is revealed that Jesus is the Root Doctor of Rev 22 and Gullah is an old ancient Hebrew word for Redemption. The beautiful Analogy is that just like Jesus Christ is known to be the Redeemer of the souls, Gullah is back to redeem his kin from the curse of “The Law”.

On 7th February 2020 during Black History Month, Burning Tree Book Publishing Company signed its first authentic full-blooded Gullah Geechie Guide with Godfrey KHill for a six-book deal and a collection of six short thrillers. The books will aim to rebuke all the historical lies against Gullah’s heritage and are an attempt to bring to light the hidden Black History of the Holy City of Charleston.

The first book in the deal, Gullah Geechie the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption Rev 22, introduces the Gullah Geechie culture from its origins.

The publisher is quite excited about this partnership and hopes to provide a valuable gift to its readers. In the words of one of their managers: “We are honored Godfrey has chosen Burning Tree Book Publishing to bring his newest work to all the readers,” says William Dickerson, production manager of Burning Tree Book Publishing. “Gullah Geechie the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption Rev 22 is our first publication together and we’re excited to expand our relationship with five more new books coming right after from Godfrey and an episodic collection of short thrillers from Burning Tree Books Original Stories, delivering the kind of adrenaline-charged and deeply reverberating suspense his millions of fans expect and we know that even the new readers are going to love.”

The figure under the spotlights, the Author, is also excited to be finally able to bring forth the true knowledge in front of the world. In his words: “This is the history of the slaves that were lynched on Hanging Trees in Charleston simply for keeping their original customs alive and now their truth has been lost and replaced with old slave master lies. I’ve been creatively resurrected and now I see with God’s Perfect Vision. I see the light and I’m happy to shine it bright to let you all see Charleston’s real Black History, for the first time ever.”

About the Company:

The Burning Tree Book Publishing Company has partnered with Godfrey KHill to launch a set of 6 books based on African American history.

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