New Dating Book Reveal Secrets to Finding And Attracting The Right Man Online

New Dating Book Reveal Secrets to Finding And Attracting The Right Man Online

“Appily Ever After: A Woman’s Guide To Online Dating” is a new book written by dating coach and best-selling author, Benjamin Daly. The book is a step-by-step guide for finding and attracting the right man online – whether through dating apps or social media. Written for women, from a guy’s perspective, it offers a brand new way to connect with potential dates in the online world.  

Finding an amazing guy, who is prepared to commit, is a challenge. Most online interactions end in disappointment, which is exhausting. This book solves this problem. It allows readers to effectively ‘market’ themselves to attract the right man, then communicate to move the interaction toward an unforgettable date. Dating apps are a powerful tool if you know how to use them. This book contains the secrets. 

It covers topics like: 

• How to create an epic profile that generates the right attention (with examples and templates) 

• How to bypass the small talk and build a connection quickly 

• How to effortlessly turn conversations into unforgettable dates 

• How to avoid the guys who aren’t serious about you or a relationship 


At the age of 15, Benjamin bought his first dating book. That book had him hooked. In the years that followed, he read every book he could find to learn about attraction, human behaviour and psychology. During his 20s, he noticed the challenges that his female friends faced. They all struggled to find a suitable guy who was prepared to commit. 

With his knowledge on the topic, he advised his female friends. Most found their ideal partner, with some getting married soon after. 

News spread and Benjamin found himself overloaded with questions and requests for guidance. So he packed up his career and began coaching full-time. Today, Benjamin provides a range of programmes and courses for women all focused towards one goal… finding and attracting the right guy in under 6 months. 

Benjamin says “My aim is to help as many women get the partner and relationship they’ve always wanted. Being able to share my knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goal is so incredibly fulfilling. I couldn’t think of a better job.” 


Review copies of the book are available on request. Benjamin is available for interviews and expert commentary. He can provide insights on the topics of dating, attraction and relationships. To get in contact, please email Benjamin at 





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