Hagoromo Chalk rated high by scientists and mathematicians worldwide

Popular Color Chalk, Hagoromo Chalk, continues to increase in popularity with teachers across the globe

The Hagoromo Chalk has grown steadily to become the top choice of teachers in different parts of the world. The well-coated and dust-free chalk recently appeared on a YouTube video by Great Big Story, where scientists and mathematicians shared their experiences using the product. The Fulltouch Chalk from HAGOROMO comes in two different types – the White Chalk and the Luminous Chalk of 5 color mix, both of which have continued to receive accolades from different users across the globe for their amazing features.

Teachers across the globe often struggle to get their message across to students without getting their hands messed up when using the chalkboard. Over the years, several brands have come up with a plethora of products to help ease the process. Unfortunately, many of the available chalks do not meet the needs of teachers and their students, at least, until the emergence of the Hagoromo Chalk. This claim has been substantiated over the years, with a YouTube video tagged “Why the World’s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk” further buttressing the point.

In the video, mathematicians like Brian Conrad describe the Hagoromo as “the Rolls Royce of chalk.” Other mathematicians featured in the video are Dave Bayer, a mathematics professor at Columbia University, Wei Ho of the University of Michigan, and Mike Stillman of the Cornell University. The video also explained the reason behind teachers hoarding the chalk after a rumor that the company was stopping the production of the chalk, with some of them buying as much as 10 years supply of the chalk.

The HAGOROMO Fulltouch Color Chalks have gotten positive reviews from users for their quality “Feels sturdy, writes smooth, erases well. As far as chalk goes, it is a pleasure to use. I know, it’s hard for some people to understand what can be so special about a brand of chalk, but after using so much of that cheap chalk that is weighs almost nothing, breaks all the time, and doesn’t want to erase you really can appreciate how nice this chalk is to use. If you are going through the effort of reading chalk reviews, then I suspect you will know what I am talking about and I would HIGHLY recommend trying out this chalk,” said K Hoover.

The HAGOROMO Fulltouch Color Chalk is currently available on Amazon for about $19.

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