DMC, the first public chain to use valuable assets in the global entertainment industry

This land so rich in beauty has made countless heroes bow in homage.

The gaming industry is a very important part of the entertainment industry. Although a lot of people want to take advantage of it, there are still many problems in it. For example, the island effect of the game economic system, data channel monopoly, data fraud, lack of data protection and data attribution rules, high transaction costs for virtual game content, low security factor, and lack of credentials. These are the disadvantages that hinder the development of the game industry and make countless people fail.

But time’s changing. Dawn is coming to us and the game industry will get new development opportunities!

Why? Because it is coming!

DMC, co-sponsored by the Canadian social gaming company Deep Markit, the well-known Stormwind Entertainment Company, and the United States Infra Capital International, brings together the world’s top experts in computer, gaming, finance and other fields. It links many high-end resources and has a unique operating method and project investment concept. DMC is the first public chain to use valuable assets in the global entertainment industry.

Heroes don’t stop moving forward!

With the development of the economy, new technologies continue to appear. Relying on the distributed technology of the blockchain, DMC is driven by 5G efficiently and integrates big data and cloud computing technology to create a transformative smart game-superhero.

This is a utopian world full of infinite possibilities, and anyone can create their own legend. Regardless of the background, as long as you are willing to earnestly manage, continuously break through the predicament, and defeat the boss, you can become a superhero in this world and create your own legend.

DMC has shown great foresight and brought new life to the gaming industry

The innovative capital thinking of free and money delivery model (D ++), which divides huge advertising fees and operators into direct conversion subsidies to players. DMC has realized profit sharing and big data, and realized capitalization through capital reorganization, as well as built a win-win ecosystem for players and operators.

DMC is an integrated ecological platform that integrates living, entertainment and socializing. It blends 5G, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain with itself to create a unique pan-entertainment emerging industry. In the future, DMC will also have a wide range of game applications such as VR / AR, 3D, strategy, shooting, and game mining to create a heroic world that belongs to DMC and everyone!

Who is the next hero? It’s DMC, it’s you, it’s him, it’s everyone. This world needs more heroes, let’s follow them to the coming future!

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