Healthcare Website Designs Important to Follow in 2020

Healthcare Website Designs Important to Follow in 2020

Not having a mobile-responsive website in 2020 is inexcusable and can put your healthcare business in serious jeopardy. Most of your prospective patients will access your website through a smartphone, and it should be absolutely ready for that.
Healthcare organizations tend to not pay much attention to the design of their online properties, and websites in particular. Healthcare design isn’t just about using the right color palette, rather it’s about the complete user experience. With more people than ever using the web to look up health information and set up doctor appointments, it is important that healthcare companies take their website design seriously.

Healthcare web design is a specialized form of web design that should be approached with a different mindset than a regular website. There’s a high likelihood that a healthcare website will be accessed by people who’re either looking for medical information, or in need of treatments. 

Such people might have some physical limitations, and a healthcare organization’s website should absolutely take that into account. Healthcare design trends should thus be focused on making beautiful websites that offer great user experiences for all people, no matter their particular medical condition. 

An example of this would be to have a colorblind-friendly version of the website, or a version with much bigger fonts. There are many more examples of how a website design can be made more accessible.

There are actually rules and regulations for healthcare websites in place, given by ADA. These guidelines require healthcare websites to be easily viewable, perceivable and usable by all people. 

In the article, Logic Inbound, a healthcare marketing agency in Seattle, explains the importance of mobile responsive web designs for healthcare companies. Mobile responsive web designs render properly on smartphones and tablets. Because of their small display sizes, smartphones cannot display websites the way they’re displayed on regular laptop and desktop computers. 

And since a majority of today’s web traffic comes from mobile devices, healthcare companies must ensure their websites render properly on these small devices. Failing to do so will negatively affect visitor perception and even lead to drop in traffic as Google favors sites that are mobile responsive in its search results. 

The article also explains the importance of text legibility on a healthcare website. Using dark colored text on a dark background is a bad practice, but this can still be seen on government hospital websites. 

Ideally, black text should be placed on a white background for maximum legibility. 

The article also touches base on what kind of content should be there on private practice websites. Since private practices are usually much more built on a doctor’s reputation, the doctor’s credentials and successes should be clearly mentioned on the website.

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