5 Natural Remedies To Cure Sleep Apnea

A huge percent of the American population suffers from the ill effects of sleep apnea. This is a condition when you start fencing problems to breath when you are deep in sleep. There are some studies related to natural remedies to cure sleep apnea. But in most cases, a CPAP mask is recommended for use when the patient goes to sleep. Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that causes many problems. In this article, we are going to provide you some rare natural remedies to cure sleep apnea.

1. Lose Weight

A huge number of people who suffer from the disease of sleep apnea are overweight. The ones who lose weight can see that their apnea has disappeared almost immediately. An aggressive weight loss program can easily let you get rid of your sleep apnea. The ones who experience a minimum weight loss can observe the changes within themselves. The weight loss program must be focused on healthy and proper dirt and the regime of regular exercise must be followed. Exercise is very important. It has its own effect on apnea. The act of exercising regularly is the method to transfer oxygen to all parts of the body and energize every section. That loosens the muscles and the oxygen regulation becomes better.

2. Change Your Sleep Position

When a person is lying on their back, the throat muscles are encouraged to be close up quite regularly. The tongue usually falls back at the throat and this causes a shortage of breath. The simple act of moving to your side can reduce the discomfort of this sort. The potential trigger of experiencing sleep apnea can be reduced to a great extent when this method is adopted. The reduction in the number of pillows under your neck and shoulders can also help a lot. This reduction lets your neck rest in a normal condition. Side sleepers do not get apnea in sleep. Your chin must not be pushed towards your chest as this causes the breath to become short and blocks tor Airways. CPAP masks for side sleepers are rarely used.

3. Vitamins/Minerals

There are several kinds of vitamins and minerals that are going to keep your health perfect and let you get relieved about the symptoms of sleep apnea. Specialists in sleep diagnose that most of the patients who suffer from the effects of sleep apnea are the ones who also suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin D. The consumption of vitamin D can be increased to remove this problem. The consumption of vitamin D was seen to decrease and even eradicate the symptoms of sleep apnea. Simply spending time in the outdoors can cure one completely of sleep apnea. Several types of research and journals have proved that the effects of vitamin C can reduce the damage caused by sleep apnea. The damaging effects on the cells are reduced greatly by the consumption of vitamin C. The treatment through these two vitamins can potentially reduce the dangerous effects of the sleeping disorder.

4. Magnesium

Yeah, magnesium mineral is a vital mineral for the regulation of the muscles. The symptoms of apnea are often related to muscles. The muscles of the throat close up which is the main cause of sleep apnea. The ensuring of the fact that there is enough magnesium in your diet and makes sure that you do not suffer from the effects of sleep apnea.

5. Herbal Remedies

There are a number of sleep remedies that are mostly herbal in nature which can help in the issues related to sleep. The problems of sleep apnea or even narcolepsy can be cured by using herbs like Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia, Lavandula officinalis) or California Poppy (Eschscholzia California).

Serotonin Precursor 5-HTP

The serotonin precursor 5-HTP is the best-recommended product to cure for sons. The decreased levels of this hormone cause sleep apnea in many cases. One can utilize this to cure oneself.

Few Final Words

These are some tips to follow your want to get rid of your sleep apnea. These methods are natural and thus they won’t have any kind of side effects. These methods can prove to be very helpful when they are applied in real-life conditions.

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