Golf Cart Or Golf Bag – Which Is Best Choice For A Beginner

A mere golfer must always try to avail the golf bags instead of golf carts. This is mainly because the novice golfers face many issues during golfing and these are already very hectic. The carrying of a bag must not create more issues. Best golf bags of 2020 have always helped the golfers to carry their things in ease. The methods of using them are:

Get your bag to be familiar with you

The familiarisation of the bag with yourself is very important. You can make adjustments when the bag is empty and the adjustments can also be made to make sure that the bag is folded according to the size of your frame. You can pick up the bag and it can be placed on the shoulder which has a dominant use in your body and you can also see that the bag sits on the strap. You may make adjustments in the strap length to make it a perfect fit.

Load the clubs sensibly

The loading of the golf clubs must be done in such a manner that the longer and heavier woods are placed at first. The placing of these clubs is the point where the strap connects with the shoulder make it perfect for the human body to carry it and this will make the heaviest stick lighter in weight. The closer you keep the heavier items to your body the less they will weigh in relation.

Golf bags must be used properly. You can place the iron rods at the center. The longer irons are placed at the center and the shorter ones along with the outer can be kept in the last section. The bag must be arranged inside in a descending order which is going to place less stress on the shoulders of the carrier. Best golf bags are the best options for the golf course.

Golf balls placement

The other things such as the balls and other accessories must be placed in the pockets of the bag evenly. The loading of a golf bag is quite similar to the one when a backpacker packs his or her bag. The even distribution is highly recommended for safe carrying and of course, less stress on the shoulders.

How to carry

The dominant shoulder should be lowered to an extent that allows the step to slip through and the strap rests comfortably on your shoulder. The handle can be used to lift the bag and the legs must be used to raise your bag. This is a major precaution. Legs must be used instead of the back. The lifting of the bag from the ground is a delicate work that must be done by putting stress on your legs. You must adjust the strap so that it does not ride your shoulder. Carry golf bagin the method mentioned above must be maintained well to are off your shoulders.

Familiarise with the course

The course plan must be clear in your mind. You must have an idea about the course and the golf crossovers which are present in the course. The setting down of the bag can be done at certain crossover points to take rest and this can be done only when you have an idea about the golf course details. This is always a must for any beginner.

For beginners: cart or bag?

A beginner must avail of the option of using a bag instead of the car. This is because the cart will always cost more than a bag. The essential things can be carried in a cart but in a manner that only an experienced golfer can trace and it can be quite a tedious work for the beginner. A cart bag is an option when you are driving a cart but this can be a bit hectic. Even the best golf cart bagsdo not stand upright on a fairway. The bags are roomier and this can help in better organization. The carts can be risky on sloped terrain and this issue can be avoided by using a golf bag.

Thus, these are the reasons for which a golf bag is preferred over a golf cart. As a beginner, a good golf bag is always required. When you become an expert, you may shift to the use of a golf cart.

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