ATIS Public Blockchain Cryptography Distributed Accounting May Rebuild User Belief

The real world is fragmented. In the face of diseases, climate, poverty, trade, economic crisis, and threats from outer space, human beings have a very weak ability to cooperate. In fact, the richer the rich become, the poorer the poor become. Moreover, the problem is getting worse! The real world was kidnapped by a centralized organization. ATIS’s de-centralised public blockchain may rebuild users’ beliefs.

In fact, the faster technology is updated, the faster wealth will be circulated. However, when social governance fails to keep pace with the development of the technology, new changes in civilization will surely take place.

Looking back on history, every change of civilization is accompanied by the overthrow of one dynasty by another, which is a historical tragedy.

Users need a belief, they need a new civilization of governance!

Real belief comes from commitment to others, and centralized organizations always give up their responsibilities!

The real belief is to replace the “uncertainty” of human beings through the “certainty” of machines.

Real belief can enable more ordinary people to change the world through “codes or laws” so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the management of the world.

Real belief will not suppress users. Every user knows that every action will be distributed through cryptography accounting, which will affect his or her life. Merits are remembered, and sins are recorded. Users know that a bright future lies ahead and they can feel the momentum brought by ATIS.  The user’s heart is full of desire. All cheating, laziness, dependence and squeezing will disappear.

The real belief is that real happiness does not come from thinking more about oneself, but from seeing oneself play a small role in a grand career far more important than personal needs. Participating in collective activities with awe helps users to release their potential, start meaningful life and leave meaningful traces in the world.

The real belief is that in ATIS world, in the distributed governance system, 6 billion people can be united for the great endeavor. When the efforts of 6 billion people are brought together, many human challenges will be resolved.

The real purpose of many geek elites to establish the ATIS system of co-construction, co-governance and sharing is to let us survive in this monotonous world and build a better future.

ATIS is a light of God’s wisdom that is loyal to mathematical principles. It is beyond people’s moral trust. It will gradually transform the trust constrained by the algorithm into the ultimate belief, allowing human beings to evolve into intelligent contract civilization. It will definitely outline the future of super civilization.

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