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The ecological environment is undergoing dramatic changes. The most dangerous skin killer is outdoor environment. Traditional skin care products cannot cope with the ever-changing environment.

Purpose of iLab

iLab came into being – Protect & Repair 6 major skin problems (sensitive, acne, dull, sunburn, vulnerable, aging), and coral reef safe.

Lab = Laboratory Innovation

iLab is inspired by French thalassotherapy. In the 19th-century, thalassotherapy got attention in Europe originated from SPAs near the coast of Brittany, France. In the 20th-century, thalassotherapy was sought after among Hollywood stars because it’s miraculously cosmeceutical effective.

Originated from the prestigious laboratory in Brittany, iLab cooperates with top laboratories across Europe.

Throughout extreme environments all over the world, iLab found out 7 valuable extreme plants, and dedicated to exploring the survival miracle of extreme plants against extreme environmental stress.

Extracting natural essence from extreme plants, iLab is a new generational skin treatment of UV & Blue Light Protection, Dust Block and Rejuvenation.

60% corals are expected to be dead and gone in the next 30 years. 1 inappropriate drop of traditional cosmetics can cause 7 pool-sized Coral Bleaching. All the products of iLab exclude coral harmful ingredients. iLab advocates 1% Marine Tax (1% annual sales value is donated to marine protection and coral conservation).

iLab ingredients won awards of French patent, European Cosmos certification and In-cosmetics award. iLab is recommended by ELLE and VOGUE. iLab sunscreen is the No.1 skin care choice in the new outdoor environment.

i = Dare to Quest

iLab advocates and supports extreme sports and outdoor explorations, and receives a wide range of praise and reputation.

As the official partner of Coupe Icare, the world’s oldest and most influential extreme flight festival, iLab offers skin care solution for pilots from all over the world.

As the official partner of China Cup, the Asia best and world influential regatta, iLab is loved by sailors as the best marine skin care products.

As the field supporter of China Touring Car Championship and China Rally Championship, official partner of China Superbike Moto Championship, iLab is the best choice of top racing drivers.

SSI, the world’s leading diving organization, recommends iLab to divers. Say no to coral harmful skin care products at the seaside! Use iLab to protect your skin and protect our environment.

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