Cozmix Inc., a Renowned Sales Force Strategy Consulting Company Offers AlignMix, the Easiest Territory Mapping Software on the Market

Cozmix Inc., a Renowned Sales Force Strategy Consulting Company Offers AlignMix, the Easiest Territory Mapping Software on the Market

Heathrow, FL – Cozmix Inc., an experienced sales force strategy consulting company is proud to announce AlignMix Pro, a sales territory mapping software designed to maximize any industry sales with accurate reporting and feedback. This powerful tool allows any sales team to have better control of their market and create effective marketing plans based on realistic and reachable targets, maximizing each sale opportunity. 

“Creating a sales map on the right platform allows for constantly updating it with new or revised data. As a result, both sales reps and management can analyze sales performance by simultaneously creating granular and big-picture perspectives, which is invaluable for making strategic decisions. We have worldwide experience designing sales territories in many different countries such as the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We can spot and avoid problems before they happen,” said the spokesperson for Cozmix Inc., regarding the great benefits provided by their software. 

Cozmix Inc. is a globally recognized company, dedicated to helping companies of different industries to create effective strategies for their sales team. By using AlignMix from Cozmix Inc., companies will have the chance to empower their sales team to increase their sales by providing them with accurate and current information regarding the market, instead of just assigning them with random sales territories. 

By contracting Cozmix Inc., clients can obtain a variety of benefits for their companies, because, in addition to their Sales Territory Design, companies also receive all of the resources for an adequate Customer Segmentation (also called Customer Prioritization by some companies), tools to create an organized sales force sizing, expert configuration of the tool, and on-site training for AlignMix. 

“Overall, AlignMix has the features that we have been looking for but have never been able to find and it actually does it in a way that is Microsoft Paint Simple, as this tool is absolutely incredible for territory mapping. I can also foresee it being great for territory maintenance. It’s always been a dreaded task to hunt down new ZIP codes every quarter and figure out which territory should get them. The clean alignment feature should make that effortless now.” Said Michael Lintonen, a Strategic Data Analyst, regarding his experience using AlignMix from Cozmix Inc. 

AlignMix is compatible with any modern Windows PC, however, it does not run on iPads, Android Tablets, Linux Machines or Apple Macs. A free trial can be downloaded online and a free demo can also be requested through their website. This efficient territory mapping software is available in two different versions, the AlignMix Professional – In-House License and AlignMix Professional – Consulting License. Additional services such as the Canadian FSA & Census Subdivisions and AlignMix Pro Expert Configuration can also be purchased online. 

Cozmix Inc. is headquartered at 1540 International Pkwy Suite 2000, Heathrow, FL 32746. Contact their team via phone at (407) 915-4852 or send online inquiries via email to For additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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