Benner & Weinkauf Provides Bankruptcy Attorney Services in New Bedford

Benner & Weinkauf Provides Bankruptcy Attorney Services in New Bedford

New Bedford, MA – Benner & Weinkauf is a New Bedford law firm that helps their clients get back on track financially. Whether you merely need some legal advice about handling your debts, or if you need to file for bankruptcy, the legal team at Benner & Weinkauf can help.

Bankruptcy attorneys Tom Benner and Logan Weinkauf serve the New Bedford community with affordable and effective legal representation. They work with clients who are dealing with foreclosure New Bedford, repossession, bankruptcy, and related matters while aggressively protecting their clients’ legal rights.

If you struggle to pay debts and monthly bills, financial relief and legal help is available. Benner & Weinkauf helps their clients in the New Bedford area climb out of debt and get the fresh financial start that they need. Clients consult personally with an attorney to explore their options and develop a plan to gain control of their debts and finances.

If bankruptcy is your best option, Benner & Weinkauf will help you decide on a bankruptcy under “Chapter 7” or “Chapter 13.” These terms refer to chapters of “Title 11,” the section of federal law that governs and regulates bankruptcies.

You must pass a means test – and have little or no income – to be eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The other option for individuals and families is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which means paying some or all of your debts and developing a repayment plan that the court will approve.

Businesses have the option of filing for “reorganization” bankruptcy under Chapter 11, which allows a company to get back on track rather than go out of business.

Bankruptcy is basically a last resort. It’s not for everyone. If an alternative to bankruptcy is more effective and appropriate for you, the attorneys at Benner & Weinkauf can help you find that alternative. They’ve helped clients from all walks of life, and they are ready to help you.

The law offices of Benner & Weinkauf are located at 32 Hillman Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The firm also has offices in Plymouth, Braintree, Taunton, and Hyannis. You can arrange a consultation by calling (774) 328-7775 or by email at: To learn more, visit the Benner & Weinkauf website. 

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