Tian Hairong Appears on 2020 Paris Haute Couture Walking on the Silk Road Accompanied by Armani

Armani Privé show is like a spiritual post in Paris Haute Couture, like waiting for the start of another mysterious journey. In the past five years, Tian Hairong has always arrived as promised.


George Armani clasped his hands tightly and hugged “Armani lady” Tian Hairong, the Oriental Muse in the master’s mind. The 70 year old master insists on choosing the show clothes for Tian Hairong in person every time, which has become the agreement between him and her: it belongs to the tacit understanding between the two artists, and it is the spiritual connection between the creators and performers. Under the interpretation of Tian Hairong, the ideal Oriental lady of Armani: from Gu Kaizhi’s paintings of Tang Dynasty, from the screen of Ming Dynasty with Chinese heavy embroidery, it has been coming out gracefully.

When she came to the show, she was in the mood to step on the stage. Tian Hairong, a rational understated elegant woman in her life, immediately incarnated as an actor with emotional passion. She said, “every Armani show is like a wonderful journey that can’t be expected if you say you’re going. Although you don’t know where your destination is, you can always go with him because it’s him.”

Also the Oscar red carpet, the Golden Globe ceremony, the world-class movie stars at Cannes Film Festival, as the most popular design master of the world filmmakers, as the most frequently designed master Armani in the history of film and costume, his fashion show will always be a stage for the exchange of world-class performing artists with shining stars.

The Oscar, Reese Witherspoon and Tian Hairong, who are both masters of Armani’s muse, are like gossiping during the intermission of the flight, talking about their daughters, movies and performances, etc.

Armani Privé 2020 Paris Haute Couture Dreamliner has been taking off.


Armani once again showed off his beloved travel “passport” Ikat pattern, an ancient hand-made pattern from the East. This pattern has been used in his high-end fashion series for many times. This time, the customs clearance code has a new look.

Ikat pattern is a kind of logo pattern with different styles on handmade carpets or silks in Xinjiang, Central Asia, the Middle East, Turkey, India and Japan. It is also popular in European women’s clothing influenced by Oriental Art in the 18th and 19th century. In the 1960s and 1970s, it became a dream totem for the west to yearn for the East through hippies’ clothing. The regional distribution of this eastern cipher pattern is very consistent with the ancient Silk Road connecting the East and the West.

Because of the pure hand-made characteristics of warp and weft knitting, Ikat’s knitting results are unpredictable every time, so the fabric’s patterns are uneven, presenting a watercolor like rendering effect.

And this is exactly the uniformity of the machine age, the accuracy of the automation age, and the lack of intelligence in the digital age. This kind of characteristic: love to breathe freely, can’t predict the mood, but at the same time, it’s soft and beautiful. It’s like telling the original characteristics of women.

This kind of pure handmade silk is called “breathing” silk. Transparent tulle makes the clear structure of trousers, the symbol of feminism in the 20th century, shrouded in the gentle misty rain, which is the only Oriental mood in ink landscape painting.

“It inspired me to create new characters. I felt like I was reinterpreting Melanie Griffith’s working girl. She woke up after several years of hard work and found that she had lost herself. So she set out to travel and try to find the East. And that path is a silk road accompanied by master Armani.” This is indeed a new road created by master Armani for the world feminists through clothes. This road is very familiar to Tian Hairong, weaving every role that Tian Hairong plays in her acting career. Sifeng, Dong Zhujun, Song Lian, Lu Xiaoman, Tang Qunying, Chen Xueru. You can cross a path of feminism across modern Chinese history, Know Thyself and Be Thyself.

Tian Hairong learned from these women combined gentleness and strength that the highest ideal of feminism “should become a real self, rather than to deny her feminism in order to prove her strength”.

What is the hope and direction of feminism fashion? Its pioneer, master Armani, points to the East clearly and firmly, because there are soft power, manual power and dreamlike power. At the end of 2019, Armani, who has just won the highest award in the fashion industry and the fashion Lifetime Achievement Award, has not only won the sincere respect from the fashion industry for him, but also won full recognition for “feminism fashion moving to the East gently”.

At that moment, Tian Hairong whispered “love you” in the master’s ear.

This is the voice of every woman who is tired of the formulaic powerful herself: “Thank you, master Armani.”.

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