MGI Worldwide Global Accounting Network Merges with CPAAI in January 2020

MGI Worldwide Global Accounting Network Merges with CPAAI in January 2020

Surrey, UK – MGI Worldwide has merged with CPAAI in January 2020. The news indicates a significant expansion and the creation of an international accounting association global that now includes members in nearly 100 countries. CPA Associates International Inc. covers China and areas throughout North America, including the United States and Mexico. Meanwhile, MGI Worldwide has strongholds in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and other parts of Asia. Via its website,, MGI talks about how the merger benefits member firms.

For international accounting associations, the merger means more connections to partner firms around the world. With a worldwide network, MGI Worldwide can help members to troubleshoot issues. CPAAI adds a plethora of businesses throughout North America and China that are all looking for accounting firms to handle their finances. Both companies work together to make sure that their partners reap as many positives as possible. 

Members can expect more benefits through this merger, discussed in detail via a page of its website, The MGI Worldwide team office helps its firms adjust to overseas regulations when handling clients from different countries. The company also offers quick support when its members require assistance. Every region has standards for accounting that could lead to problems if not studied enough. MGI Worldwide connects firms around the world for troubleshooting. 

The company also helps clients to make new business partners and retain them no matter the distance between companies. Whenever a member firm finishes a new audit, it sends directly to the MGI team. From there, the document goes through a quality check before passing it forward to the client. Another part of the company is in charge of ensuring all tax work complies with international and local ordinances and regulations. The CPAAI team brings knowledge of business formation, estate management, and mergers and acquisitions to member firms. 

Besides facilitating partnerships around the world, MGI Worldwide and CPAAI allow firms to take mentorship roles. International members can recommend clients to one another and share business practices and advice. The reputation of firms under the merger raises to match the status of the two partners, both of which are in the top 20 ranked international networks of audits, tax, accounting, and consulting firms. 

MGI Worldwide will maintain the same structure while also adding the benefits of CPAAI to its international accounting association network. Members can expect extra benefits in new locations that do not interfere with what they already receive.

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