iShepherd makes Identity and Access Management Analytics transparent

Sunnyvale, CA & Glattpark, Switzerland – February 12th, 2020 – iShepherd, Inc., a RegTech startup based both in the heart of Silicon Valley and in Switzerland, released its version 2.0 of the Transparent Risk Monitor 360 (TRM360©) to support its customers get better insights into the assignment and usage of access rights within the organization. iShepherd integrates with all major IAM platforms and combines data from several sources to ensure a complete overview. Depending on the assigned persona users can have different views on the organization which enables them to focus what is important – better insights.

iShepherd makes Identity and Access Management Analytics transparent

Many of the larger corporations already have thorough and regular internal or external compliance audits for Identity and Access Management, such as a yearly or quarterly review processes. The auditors normally require evidence that all regulatory and company internal standards are met in regards to Identity and Access Management; principles like “least privilege access rights” should be implemented and that all access rights should be closed when an employee leaves. The responsibility to confirm that “least privilege access rights” standards are met normally rests with line management. Line managers are already under increasing pressure from legislations and regulations like:

•  EU/US Data Protection and Leakages regulations (GDPR / AB375 / SB1386)

• NIST Cyber Security Framework

• PCI Compliance

• ISO 27k compliance

iShepherd TRM360© supports all these legislations and visualizes compliance with both internal and regulatory compliance standards. One easy to understand dashboard gives a line manager full insight into the risk-level of his team and which non-standard access rights are granted. As an example: within the Joiner-Mover-Leaver processes often access rights are not closed when employees leave their position, or even worse, the company. iShepherd visualizes all access rights and risk levels within teams or organizational units and gives line-managers, auditors and senior-management clear insights into which rights require (manual) review and where a clean-up is needed. Full risk status and recommendation integration in existing Access Right Approval Processes is possible as iShepherd TRM360© is built based on highly secure but open standards – which allows flexible integration. iShepherd TRM360© allows you to save and certify snapshots of data for compliance and audit purposes.

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About the company:

iShepherd, Inc. is a RegTech Startup based both in the heart of Silicon Valley and in Switzerland. By combining the Swiss “no-nonsense” and “high-quality” mentality with the innovation and pulse of the RegTech Market in Silicon Valley, iShepherd is able to build the best solutions for compliance analytics.

The founders team has an aggregate experience of over 75 years in business, IT and security, and were never satisfied how IAM analytics and risk insights have been handled so far.

iShepherd was founded to do things differently and to do them right. To create value for our clients, and to do so in the most efficient and transparent way.

Here is how we are unique:

• iShepherd provides the most useful IAM Analytics tool on the planet: Useful, usable and accessible.

• iShepherd provides 360 degree transparency – For people, processes and technology.

• iShepherd is easy to do business with.

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