TWIN TAILS: Journey to Oceanus, Another Magical, MER-Adventure for Young Readers, Completes the TWIN TAILS Trilogy – The Exciting Middle-Grade Novel Series Written & Illustrated by CILLYart

Just sighted: mythological mermaids of the TWIN TAILS variety are swimming your way! Teenage twin mermaids delve into the depths seeking a resolution to a war against fin and feet in the third and final book of the TWIN TAILS Middle Grade Novel Series, “TWIN TAILS: Journey to Oceanus.”

Tempe, AZ, USA – When the troublesome, haunting siren kidnaps young children, Marina and Perla race into the wintry ocean as mermaids to rescue them. However, the captives and captor disappear magically into an unknown realm and the twins must enlist the help of humans and “mers” to save these children from a sea monster’s feast. A diabolical scheme against humankind and merfolk alike unfolds, leaving the twin mermaid teenagers horrified and desperate to somehow redeem those they love.

Traumatic events create havoc during the holidays and into the new year, requiring the magical touch that only Marina and Perla possess. How can they help others in need and still preserve their mermaid secret among the “landlers?” Experience the magic of discovering self and the importance of family, friends, and community through the young lives of twin mermaid sisters, Marina and Perla Pérez, in their TWIN TAILS Trilogy of adventures in the realms of Earth and Oceanus.

In “TWIN TAILS: Journey to Oceanus,” the final magical episode of mystery, mythology, and the deep unknown unfolds in the lives of our twin mermaid sisters. Each book in this TWIN TAILS Trilogy builds upon the others, with layers of family love, friendship, and how the twins’ uniqueness helps them to master themselves, help and defend innocent lives and freedom, even in seriously dangerous situations with nature, sirens, and dragon-serpents in both the human and mystical worlds. “TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach” (book one), “TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren” (book two), and “TWIN TAILS: Journey to Oceanus” (book 3 – recently published and released in the autumn of 2019) complete the TWIN TAILS Middle-Grade Novel Series written and illustrated by CILLYart (Cindy M. Bowles). Another great read for children, youth and family!

“Journey to Oceanus is a fast-paced and exciting fantasy story which follows beautifully from the first two books in the series… the ensuing conflict involved in rescuing (others) will thrill anyone who enjoys sword and sorcery fantasy… plot is finely detailed and action-packed! Awesome! And the artwork is a treat!” – Jack Magnus’ 5-STAR Review, READER’S FAVORITE

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