Ms. Ssarita Siingh has come a long way in her journey, inspiring and paving a path for many to follow on her footsteps

Ms. Ssarita Siingh has come a long way in her journey, inspiring and paving a path for many to follow on her footsteps

Ms. Ssartia Siingh, CEO, Priyadarshani Group of Schools, Alandi Branch, Pune

We at Priyadarshani Group of Schools teach our students to live life: Ssarita Siingh

The education industry is rising and the demand for higher-quality education is ever-increasing. One such institute that focuses on the quality is the Priyadarshani Group of Schools’ Alandi Branch that recently has been honored as the Best Affordable SSC school in Maharashtra by Brands Impact. At Priyadarshani Schools, they focus on the quality of the education, rather than only following the already-defined curriculum. The CEO of the Alandi Branch, Ms. Ssarita Siingh, speaking at the occasions, says that she strongly feels that major changes are required to enhance the quality of education in India.

Ms. Ssarita Siingh has come a long way in her journey, inspiring and paving a path for many to follow in her footsteps.  Starting her maiden career at an early age of sixteen as an assistant teacher to today, Ms. Ssarita Siingh is the CEO of Priyadarshani Group of Schools where she is contributing to the evolution of education. She has also worked as an advisory Panel Member at the CBFC and as Consultant and Creative Head at the Macmillan Publications. Her work has been phenomenal in every aspect. 

We had a chance to get into a detailed conversation with the lady herself on the occasion and here’s what she had to say about her journey and her experience.

How did you start your innovative journey at The Priyadarshani Group Of Schools?

I started by setting up the school at Indrayani Nagar in Pune at the age of 22 where I tried to initiate many creative and out-of-the-box ideas to make learning easier and more fun for the students and the teachers as well. We had creative teaching aids, curriculum-based workshops, play way method of teaching, career-counseling, counseling for the students with learning difficulties, counseling for teachers and parents as well. I also strongly believe that holistic development is necessary for students, which is why I also invested in the self-defense of the students and introduced martial arts in the school. Information technology was also made compulsory for students in order to keep up with the rapid technological advancements.

You have also worked at one of the largest global publishers, The Macmillan publications. What was your role at the publication house?

I started working with Macmillan Publication as the youngest Consultant and Creative Head in the year 2001. I was heading the Indian Operations for Macmillan for 7 years. Being the youngest consultant, I was offered to deliver and conduct multiple talks and workshops for schools and colleges all over India. Back in the time, I was the youngest workshop speaker. Since I also take great interest in publishing books for schools, management institutes, corporate houses, I published books like You Can Win, Rabindranath Tagore, Life after 40, Love is, Knock Out and many more.

You were offered a role at the Central Board of Film Certification. How would you describe your experience at the CBFC?

I was offered the role of the Advisory Panel Member at the Central Board of Film Certification in Mumbai where I stayed on the panel for about three years. During this time, I was approached by the Indian film producer Mr. Boney Kapoor, to work with him as an Advisor on his projects and a Consultant with Sahara One Media And Entertainment Ltd. My experience and the work helped me gain a lot of insight on box office collection which helped me further start writing articles on the latest releases. So I think I’d describe my experience as eventful and a huge learning prospect which helped me in the future with my project at the Carnival Cinemas.

What was your role at the Carnival Cinemas?

In 2015, I was humbled to head the Production division of Carnival Cinemas for three years. Having headed Sachin: A Billion Dreams, a documentary on Sachin Tendulkar, was an extraordinary experience. I also distributed and produced several other films for Carnival. At the same time, I was also conducting workshops and guest lectures in various schools and colleges in Mumbai.

You have collaborated with the Center for Environmental Research & Education. Why and what motivated you to do so?

After taking over the responsibility as the CEO of the new Priyadarshani’s Alandi, Pune branch, I worked hard towards the development of the school by constantly trying to find ways to improve and introduce new and relevant ideas. I’d already been working towards climate change and hence I collaborated with CERE for establishing solar panels and conducting workshops for all the stakeholders in Climate Change, Sustainability, and Carbon Footprint. CERE has undertaken educational sessions on renewable energy and climate change for the middle and secondary students of the school. It is very important to be aware of the global phenomena to develop a worldly view.

Your school has been recently awarded as the Best Affordable SSC school in Maharashtra. What innovations did you bring to the Priyadarshani Group of Schools to achieve this title?

A lot of brainstorming was involved to make the curriculum strong. We introduced Organic Farming, teaching students to grow their own vegetables. A STEM LAB was organized to train students to make Robots and Drones. Regular Stand up Science Comedy Sessions are organized to make Science fun. The Plus Minus Code program has been developed by the Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation (an officially recognized non-profit organization by the Swiss government) to help children from all over the world develop their emotional intelligence. We have also made Soft Skill and Etiquettes as a core subject of the curriculum.

Apart from this, we have introduced Marshal Cadet Force training to students on all possible aspects of defense preparatory training which motivates the students to join armed forces in their Cadre. We have also tied up with the most successful animation studio realities, who made ‘Char Saahibzade’ the highest-grossing animation movie in India, to conduct workshops on animation, design, and technology for students.

What is the vision of the Priyadarshani Group of Schools?

I feel that the education system in India is outdated and needs major reforms. We at Priyadarshani focus on the mental, emotional and physical growth of each child. Apart from teaching the curriculum, we teach our students to live life, face the ever-changing modern world. Our mission is to prepare them for the unpredictable future that lies ahead of them.

With a motto of enhancing the world of education, Ms. Ssarita Siingh is driven towards the development and growth of the Priyadarshani Group of Schools across 5 branches. She is also working towards the Conception and Completion of three upcoming branches and five pre-schools under the umbrella of Priyadarshani Group of Schools. Currently, she has devoted her time to the progress of the schools, which now has a walloping strength of over 15,000 students.

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