3D Audio Mixed Reality Headset MR. H Just Launched on Kickstarter

MR. H is a wireless mixed reality headset that allows users to create an immersive individualized 3D audio space. It launched today on Kickstarter with the aim of raising $30,000 to bring the head-tracking 3D audio headset into production.

Sharon, MA – February 12, 2020 – Whoborn announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to help people relax, energize, or focus on their everyday tasks. For a long time, 3D audio headphones have neglected the needs of the wider population who have not been exposed to this innovative audio technology. That is why Bae Youngsik, the Founder of Whoborn, felt compelled to create a wireless mixed reality headset for the general consumer.

“I listen to a lot of music while working in my office,” said Mr. Bae. “The addition of 3D audio into my experience has helped me rethink how and where music has the best effect on my ability to work better, energize, and also relax. Our mixed reality headset, MR. H, brings features like the 3D audio space and recall functions to the mass population that no other product provides. It is the perfect companion.”

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/_eJ09jdG_Do

Super lightweight and sturdily constructed, MR. H also allows users to play music in a virtual environment of their choosing. The headset is uniquely built to act like a personal secretary, as well, and can record audio at a moment’s notice and replayed whenever you like. The users can choose between 8GB and 16GB in-built storage space. With its ease of use and Bluetooth connectivity, the compact headset is a delightful everyday gadget.

MR. H is the result of Bae’s vision and passion for immersive 3D audio experiences. He can’t wait for consumers to benefit from his latest labor of love with its unparalleled design and functionality.

“I knew that I could do better than what is available in the market and bring it to the general consumer. So we set out to make a 3D audio headset that is comfortable, compact, affordable – and up to very high standards,” added Bae. “With MR. H, we can finally help people focus, find energy in what they do, and relax better when they want to.”

For more information or a video of MR. H headset, visit the Kickstarter campaign here or contact the creator below:

Contact information:

Benjamin Bristol
Marketing and Customer Service Manager, Whoborn USA


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