CenTex Offers Different Options for Slab Foundation Repair

CenTex Offers Different Options for Slab Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is something that varies based on the conditions of the site and the specific geographic area. Until the latter part of the 1970s, the primary foundation repair method was to use concrete. Here, a person can learn some of the most popular methods for repairing foundations today. Knowing the options can help to determine which one is right for their needs.

Steel Piers

When the use of steel piers was introduced to the foundation repair industry, it helped to revolutionize things. Steel piers, like the ones used by CenTex Foundation Repair, take much less time to install, and they disturb less of the landscape than traditional concrete piers. Even today, steel piers have progressed further and become more data-driven and technical to install.

Helical Piers

This type of pier works well for interior slab and exterior foundation repairs. The helical piers are can be used in new construction and for any later repairs that are needed. Areas that are lightly loaded, such as structures with vinyl siding or porch columns, are good locations for the use of helical piers. These are versatile, but still underused, in the pier market.

Concrete Pier Repairs

Most foundation companies, such as http://welevelit.com/, use poured-in-place concrete piers during the preconstruction phase of any structure. However, these types of piers are also beneficial for making repairs. Before the development of the hydraulic-driven steel pier, this was the preferred repair method.

With concrete piers, individuals have a permanent option for repairing the foundation. While this is true, there are some perceived drawbacks to this method. Getting the drilling rigs needed into a residential yard can be a challenge, but can most definitely be done. Also, foundation repair contracts have to dig dirt out of the holes where the piers are being installed, which can make the cleanup process a little bit harder.

Polyurethane Foam

The entire slab repair process can be simplified by using high-density polyurethane foam. Today, technicians can inject this foam through a checkerboard grid that is about six feet on center for the affected area. This foam has become a market-driven product due to the speed and affordability it provides when making repairs.

While this is true, consumers should still be cautious if their HVAC ducts are running through a building’s floor. As any professional will tell them, the foam may infiltrate the ducts, causing a clog. It’s also necessary to conduct plumbing tests before the foam injection to ensure there aren’t any leaks in the drain or the supply lines. This is something that can be discussed with the professionals when they come for a consultation (visit https://welevelit.com/schedule/ to set up an appointment).

Foundation Repairs

If there are issues with a home’s foundation, the homeowner should not wait to call a professional. They can evaluate the issue and make the needed repairs. Keep the information here in mind to know the repair options available for fixing an array of foundation problems.

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