Famous Ex Body Builder Rising as a Legendary Music Producer with Nationwide Recognition

No one can imagine that an amazing music lover may be hidden behind the tough-looking Body Builder. But Maurice Jones surprised everyone with his amazing skills, and within very less time, he got a new stage name as Kilo M.O.E.

With the release of his few mesmerising music collections, M.O.E. has now become a sensation with rising national wide recognition.

This hip-hop artist belongs to the beautiful land of Baltimore, Maryland. He was basically born in the Jersey City, New Jersey. After being a favourite athlete of millions of fans around the world, he decided to follow the path of self-expression. And it was a way away from Body Building; Yeah! He stepped into the world of music and gave new dimensions to his identity in the world.

The first most hit release from Kilo was “Money Over Everything”, and the immense popularity of this music album gave him a new name in the industry. Soon people started calling him as Kilo M.O.E.

It is important to mention that Kilo spends a long time of his life in the field of bodybuilding. He was a famous bodybuilder and personal trainer who received several awards worldwide. Kilo captured the attention of the audience with his powerful performance in the field for almost two decades. However, later he decided to step ahead on to the stage by focusing on the music. He started giving several live performances in the United States and people eventually felt in love with his collections.

Soon after that, he started publishing his content on the internet and received a great response from the listeners around the world. In the year 2012, he decided to set up an independent record label that was named as O.M.G Entertainment; here O.M.G. represents On My Grizzly. This multimedia label helped him to gain more recognition on the internet. The label released 9 projects under O.M.G. banner last year and they were super successful. Some of his most popular albums released in the fast few years are “Everything Designer”, “Hu$tle Time”.

For the near future, M.O.E is planning to launch his new album “Fly Geez and Palm Teez”. It is loaded with some heart touching lyrics that will definitely touch the hearts of the listeners in the different corners of the world.

About the Company:

Kilo M.O.E is a music producer, songwriter, rapper, athlete and businessman who establish his independent record label, On My Grizzly (OMG) entertainment in 2012. O.M.G Entertainment, inc., based in Baltimore, was built with the foresight of today’s primary source for music revenue.

For more information visit https://www.omgentmusic.com/

In order to know more about M.O.E. and his future plans, we had a short interview with him:

Q. What inspired you to follow your dream of becoming a music producer after a successful career as a bodybuilder?

A.  Well Ive always dabbled in music one way or the other as either a performer, rapper, or simply mixing records as a DJ. I was injured back in 2010 with some very serious back issues specifically Herniated discs and mild Scoliosis to name a few. Basically my body just started to break down slowly due to all the heavy weight lifting and not taking my own advice. So about a year after there were several attempts to get back on track to compete for Florida State again and out of nowhere my shoulder and a minor triceps tear stopped me. This lead me to a deep dark depression where I started to fall into a place of drug abuse and old wounds started to come to the forefront. During this stint a real good friend of mine I consider a brother til this day would come by my residence which eventually became the first Location of O.M.G Entertainment, inc. His words that sat with me were that I should continue with doing the things I love and if I dont know what that is search within. From there I rediscovered my music and entertainment talent and pursued it specifically that day. This was April 2012 the inception of the record label.

Q. What kind of hurdles you faced during your journey towards your dreams?

A. Wow. The biggest hurdle was gaining press attention. Imagine the irony of this as I answer this question! The hurdles were and have up until this point was trying to gain noteriety through press outlets and platforms that I wasnt a part of or friends with inside the businsess of indie music. But my athletic background taught me that if there is a hurdle and you dont know how to jump them you train to jump them by figuring out what techniques are available for you to overcome the obstacle. Getting solid coverage was the biggest hurdle throughout this and I trained hard.

Q. What should fans expect from O.M.G in the year 2020?

A. I am dropping an Album myself titled “Fly Geez and Palm Treez” available in March! I feel like this is my best personal work. Sonically, lyrically, and creatively. Just good music. We are also in talks with a company and are about 80% complete in making a significant purchase of a media company. Stay tuned as we will be announcing this once all the ink dries and hands shake. This acqusition will take us to a level we’ve never seen as a company. Also as you may already know we are Members to the indie licensing body known as the Merlin Network. Merlin has announced their deal with TikTok early this year.TikTok was initially responsible for the meteoric rise of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” which broke the Billboard record for the longest song to consecutively sit at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart. We (O.M.G Entertainment, inc) are now delivering content to this platform which personally I am very excited to announce. Also we will be dropping a series of singles from various artists such as Fatcatogc, Pops Jr., Hecdakid, and Mr. Who???. We have also inked a deal for the up and coming Indie Urban Socialite Dj Blacc Widohh with a series of Mixtape compilations To name a few releases to keep on the radar for your entertainment pleasure.  We are looking to complete the year as a label with at the very least 100 releases. 

Media Contact
Company Name: O.M.G Entertainment, Inc
Contact Person: Maurice Jones
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Phone: 4156551028
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Country: United States
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