Sacred Space Memorial in San Jose, CA Offers Affordable Cremations

Sacred Space Memorial in San Jose, CA Offers Affordable Cremations

San Jose, CA – Sacred Space Memorial is an establishment that aims to take the stress of burial and afterlife away from grieving families that have recently lost a loved one. The team at Sacred Space Memorial understands that the series of events following the demise of a loved one is not necessarily one that allows friends and families to function at their peak, and to this extent, lends a helping hand in the area of planning and execution of burials to ensure that such deceased individuals are given a befitting rest.

At Sacred Space Memorial, their team takes on the hard task of ensuring that all aspects of the burial process are well-handled by a team that boasts several years of experience making sure that the burial and after-death services provided to clients and their deceased loved ones are tailored according to specification and personal demands.

The spokesperson for Sacred Space Memorial, Barry Bamford, said, “Although we are licensed as a California funeral establishment, our experience and genuine care for families defines a deeper, more modern, solutions-oriented identity. Sacred Space Memorial is a family-owned, end of life services establishment.”

With Sacred Space Memorial, honoring the last wishes of the client’s loved ones is more important and this is why their team ensures that families are saved from additional stress and physical strain while ensuring the delivery of an affordable end of life service. By combining years of deep experience in this space and industry with the best practices and client-oriented services, Sacred Space Memorial is able to draw up resources that the deceased’s families might not have thought of in making sure that the final wishes of the deceased are met.

Sacred Space Memorial, with over 35 years of experience, offers a wide array of end of life services which include Affordable Cremations, an option that has become more popular for many individuals because it can be more flexible as to where and when the service is held. Their team is capable of putting together a traditional funeral service before a cremation or a memorial service at any time, with or without the urn. The deceased’s family can also decide to keep the urn, scatter the ashes or have the urn buried in a grave or columbarium, where services can be held when due.

In addition to providing affordable San Jose Cremation Services, the end of life service company, Sacred Space Memorial, also provides burial services that allow clients to choose from a variety of options. Their team can provide immediate burial services without a public service; a visitation, viewing or wake with a closed or open casket; a funeral service at Sacred Space Memorial’s funeral home, church, the private home of the deceased or at the cemetery.

Sacred Space Memorial can also put together a memorial service similar to funeral services, aimed at remembering a lost one who is deceased. Memorial services can be held shortly after the demise of a loved one, even days or weeks later. The urn may or may not be present at the ceremony.

Sacred Space Memorial’s funeral services are tailored to provide a special time for family and friends of the deceased to comfort one another and to begin the process of healing. 

Sacred Space Memorial is located at 175 Bernal Rd Suite 100-14, San Jose, CA 95119. For appointment bookings, contact their team via phone at (408) 863-2513 or send online inquiries via email to For additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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