Pedal-and-Earn Concept for Children’s Internet Screen Time Launched on Kickstarter

ScreenTimeBike is a Smart New Contraption That’s Offering Children and Adults a Healthy Way to Get Their Internet Screen Time!

Children and screen time is a hot topic these days. Every parent is interested in the wellbeing of their children, but find it challenging to get their children to play outside to get sufficient exercise. 

ScreenTimeBike is a smart device that is a mix of a sports bike and an internet access point. The device is designed for children and adults who could use a bit of exercise in their lives. 

“Children should be outside playing, but sadly, that is not the case. With a whole host of streaming services making their way into our homes and offices, going out to get some physical exercise has sadly become a thing of the past. To be fair, in many countries and cities, it is also unsafe for children to go outside to play because the weather might not be suitable or for security reasons. Keeping that in mind, and the fact that instances of obesity and diabetes are growing among children, we introduce to you the ScreenTimeBike, which is the world’s first pedal-and-earn concept for internet screen time.” Fredrik Wolmer, ScreenTimeBike.

ScreenTimeBike is a wonderful new device that follows a smart concept, which is to enforce exercise with a big carrot in the shape of internet reward. Since children (and many adults) would rather stay at home and watch Netflix, this smart new device can ensure that your child gets a sufficient amount of exercise during the day while they sit in front of the TV screen. 

“The ScreenTimeBike puts an end to the unhealthy internet consumption patterns that children and many adults are following these days by introducing exercise as a reward by pedaling for internet screen time. So, how does it work? ScreenTimeBike comes with an intuitive application that syncs with the product. This app allows the user to regulate the mini exercise bike with a built-in internet access point. To get internet access through pedaling, all you have to do is: 1.) Unpack the bike and power it on 2.) Download the app and pair it to bike 3.) Add user profiles 4.) Pedal and earn internet screen time. It’s that simple.” 

For understanding the technical aspect of the ScreenTimeBike, the bike is mapped to an app where parents gain control over their children´s internet consumption and are able to track their exercise. The device can be used by children at home or adults at the office. The versatility of the ScreenTimeBike also makes it a smart choice for tech-savvy managers who want their staff to follow a healthier lifestyle. 

“With this cool concept, not only do parents get to limit their children´s screen time, but save their kids from the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes in young children. With ScreenTimeBike, your children get to earn their keep when it comes to internet access and introduces exercise as part of their daily schedule. So, what do we need? We need to secure funding to finalize the development of the product. We’ve already invested enough to develop the prototype, but we still have to secure enough funding to finalize the app development as well as perform ETL certification, etc. We’d also very much like to get a valuable market response to whether this is worth pursuing or not, and would really appreciate it if you will share the link to our campaign page on social media to help spread the word. Together, we can make the world H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. again.”

The product will be available for purchase as a single unit or in bulk. All distribution and warranty issues will be handled through Amazon worldwide. According to the company, the product will be delivered two months after a successful and completed campaign. The product is targeting children between the ages of 7 to 18, but adults can also use ScreenTimeBike to get a bit of exercise in their sedentary lives. 

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