New Zealand BEGGI invents world’s first manuka essential oil disinfectant spray, opening a new era of natural bacteriostats

Are you afraid when the colds and flu take place frequently every season? Studies show that 68% of diseases are related to indoor bacterial contamination. When the person is talking and sneezing normally, germs and microorganisms will be transmitted to the air. It’s easy to get infected if you’re not careful. “When talking about germs and microorganisms, people will be very scared”, which has become a more common phenomenon among people nowadays. Can germs be quickly and effectively suppressed? There is an answer to this question.

The reporter learned that BEGGI pharmaceuticals, a big New Zealand health giant, has developed a natural disinfectant spray with an antibacterial effect of up to 99% after repeated trials for more than three years, investing tens of millions of yuan in research and development of this spray. This product contains the three precious ingredients, including Manuka Factor unique to New Zealand, Australian Eucalyptus essential oil, and Aloe vera curacao in Africa, and it can safely and effectively suppress germs and microorganisms with gently spray without rinsing. It is reported that the product will be launched in more than 20 countries including Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America, and China in the near future. By then, consumers around the world will be able to use this natural disinfectant spray.

3 years research and development

New Zealand’s health industry giant BEGGI pharmaceuticals invented the world’s first moderate disinfectant spray.

Many kinds of disinfectants on the market have the function of sterilization, but also can be irritating and corrosive. For example, common 84 disinfectants and medical alcohol have strong sterilization effect, but they also have extremely irritants. These products are not suitable for people with respiratory diseases and sensitive skin as well as young children, and accidental ingestion can also lead to poisoning.

As a New Zealand big health industry giant brand, the BEGGI pharmaceutical team has been working on this historic challenge for three years, and finally overcome this historic problem after continuous researches and developments. Innovatively addition of Australian and New Zealand natural plant essential oil ingredients into this product and blend into the fine spray, which make the spray mild and non-irritating and can be directly sprayed on hands and face. This spray has super sterilization effects, can also disinfect the home to prevent bacterial infection. It can also be used to disinfect seats, tables and public toilets on high-speed trains and airplanes when traveling. When you inhale accidentally, it does not matter. The natural factors in the ingredients also have the effects of relieving cough and promoting breathing.

Three major national treasure-class ingredients can kill germs effectively

Effects of antibacterial, moisturizing and purifying can be combined in this product, opening a new era of sterilization

In terms of ingredients, the reporter learned that New Zealand Manuka disinfectant spray contains three precious ingredients such as New Zealand Manuka essential oil, Australian Eucalyptus essential oil, and Aloe vera, which have the effects of antibacterial, moisturizing, and purifying. It has a natural and fresh smell and excellent sterilization effects.

As we all know, Manuka tea trees grow in remote and pollution-free virgin forests and are natural antibacterial artifacts. In the BEGGI disinfectant spray, high-tech purified manuka essential oil is added. “It has extremely high antibacterial activity and is more effective than well-known manuka honey.” According to Harper, a well-known health expert in New Zealand, natural manuka essential oils are not only antiviral, anti-fungal and highly effective in killing bacteria, but also can relieve symptoms such as colds and sore throats.

After sterilization, it is necessary to provide bacteriostats to completely prevent bacteria breeding. The important ingredient in BEGGI disinfectant spray that can effectively inhibit bacterial regeneration is “Eucalyptus essential oil”. The reporter learned that Eucalyptus essential oil is widely used in products that fight against pathogens and different forms of infection. In Australia, it is also made into incense for purifying air, sterilizing, and resisting mites. “Eucalyptus is known as Australia’s natural scavenger. In addition to its anti-bacterial effects, the smell it emits makes people feel a special enjoyment,” said the relevant person in charge of the BEGGI brand.

Unlike the common disinfectant products on the market, BEGGI disinfectant spray can also be applied directly to the skin, thanks to another ingredient, aloe vera extract, which has a good softening, moisturizing and whitening effects because of containing polysaccharides and multivitamins for human skin. It also has skin care effect while cleansing the hands.

“As the leader and promoter of New Zealand’s big health industry, BEGGI is well on its way to developing new products.” A senior observer in the Australian and New Zealand medical and health industry commented, “Its applied nose-protective cream, nose-protective water, temperature-sensitive masks and other products have received rave reviews for their effective nose care experience. It is believed that this new Manuka disinfectant spray will also ignite the consumption passion in a short period of time, and force other major international brands to have their disinfectant products research and development promotion.” the observers mentioned above said.

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