Brokersguru: 5 Forex Review Websites For Beginners

When you trade forex, there are a lot of aspects that you have to cover. From the credit of the brokers to cost and fees, it is a really hard job for traders to study them all. That’s why today we want to show you 5 forex review websites that have a large amount of information about any forex-related subjects that you can think of.


Top List Brokers is the website for you when you want a list of great forex brokers to start trading. There are hundreds of brokers on this website and each one of them is reviewed in-depth. Forex brokers are very important to the success of your trading. If you trade with a bad broker, there are huge chances that you will lose all of your money. Remember to always keep an eye on the best forex brokers. Thanks to Top List Brokers, it is not a difficult job at all.

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Moreover, this site covers all types of brokers in different places. It doesn’t matter where you come from, Asia or Europe or Africa. Top List Brokers has various sections based on your location. This is the best site for forex brokers finding.


Everything. Review. Just like its name, this forex review website has it all. is a perfect site for beginners in forex trading. Here, they can find anything they need to know before they start trading. From the basic information like “what is forex?”, “what is spread?” to expert level for forex strategies, chart analysis, and indicators. is all you need when learning forex.

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When you’re still asking which brokers you should choose, why don’t you take a quick trip to On this site, brokers are reviewed against each other. Just choose a broker and then pick another one to compare them side by side based on various aspects like: credibility, trading cost, trading conditions, or customer service. Thanks to this site, you can know for sure that a broker in your mind is truly good or not when compared to others. Many professional traders have used this site to test their brokers quickly and free.

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Top20review is just like Top List Brokers. The only difference is that their targeted viewers are Asian forex traders. We can all agree that the trading conditions in each country are different from the others. Asian countries are not an exception. So if you’re trading forex in Asia and you want to know what is the best way to trade in this region, come take a look at to see what they have for you.


And the final one is Best Broker Now. This site is very much like but it is also for Asian readers. We know that English is not a very common language in these areas so it is better to have a forex review site that has multiple other languages. Go check out to learn all you can about forex trading.

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