Keren Hayessod France announces a Dinner Fundraiser Gala in Lyon (France) staring opera star David Serero and former Mossad agent Daniel Limor

On Sunday February 16th 2020, the Keren Hayessod organization will organize an important fundraiser event in the city of Lyon, in France, at the prestigious Casino Lyon Vert. Two important guests of honor will enhance this gala during which the Chef of the Casino Le Lyon Vert will prepare the most delicious meals. Former Mossad Agent Daniel Limor (“Operation Brothers” which was portrayed by actor Chris Evans in Netflix’s “Red Sea Diving Operation”), and French Opera star David Serero, coming from New York, to perform a show of his classics and comedy.

The evening will benefit the Keren Hayssod actions in Israel. Tickets are available on:

About the Keren Hayessod France

Keren Hayessod France is the French branch of a centenary Israeli national institution: it was created in 1920, long before the November 1947 vote of the UN which decided to create the State of Israel. Its name can be translated as “Foundation Fund”, in fact, the collection of Keren Hayessod was used to build Israel (cities, infrastructure, industrial equipment, universities…).

Today Keren Hayessod, generally in partnership with the Jewish Agency, has an essentially social role: it supports populations or individuals in difficulty to offer everyone equality of opportunity and/or dignity in this extremely diverse country: help for young people in distress or school failure, in-depth computer training for high school students in development cities, help for people with multiple disabilities, etc. The recipients of this aid can be Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian or Druze. Keren Hayesod also supports the MASSA program which allows young people from around the world, aged 17 to 30, to spend 4 to 10 months in Israel as part of an educational stay (internship, university, volunteering…).

About David Serero

David Serero, has received international recognition and critical acclaim from all over the world. At 38 years old, he has already performed more than 2,000 concerts and performances throughout the world, played in over 100 films and recorded 20 albums. He entered the prestigious Who’s Who America for demonstrating outstanding achievements in the entertainment world and for the betterment of contemporary society. In 2019, he received the Morocco Day Distinguished Achievement Award, and the Trophy of the Culture of Morocco and has been honored by Royal Air Maroc as one of the 15 most influential moroccans worldwide. That same year, he received the 2019 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2020, David Serero was Awarded by the Trophy for Diversity by the UNESCO. David Serero is a member of the Recording Academy and of the Television Academy and a voting member both of the Grammys and Emmys. He has given concerts in Paris at the Opera Garnier, Olympia, Eiffel Tower; in New York at the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Times Square; in London at the Royal College of Music, Wembley Stadium; and in Moscow at the Tchaikovsky Hall; in Amsterdam at the Concertgebouw, the Budapest Opera conducted by Placido Domingo and more. He made his sold out West End debuts at the Dominion Theatre. He has sung more than 30 lead roles in Opera, Operetta and Musical Theater. In his extensive discography, he has recorded Cast Album Recording of iconic roles such as Shakespeare’s Richard III and world Premiere adaptations. He is also the founder and producer of several music and film festivals.

During the 2017/2018 season in New York, David Serero starred as Cyrano De Bergerac  (Rostand), Don Giovanni (Mozart), Barabas (Marlowe’s Jew of Malta), King Ahasuerus (from musical Queen Esther’s Dilemma), King Lear (Jacob Gordin’s The Yiddish King Lear), Napoleon’s title role from Napoleon by Stanley Kubrick.

For the 2018/19 season in New York, David starred as Nabucco’s title role, Romeo (Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in a Jewish adaptation), Figaro (Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro) which he directed and adapted. He opened his 2019/20 season with “Anne Frank, a musical”, starring as Otto Frank, which he directed and produced, and the world premiere of “Lost in the Disco” with Lisa Azuelos. Among his upcoming engagements are Shylock (Merchant of Venice), his own theatrical adaptation of Carmen, Anne Frank a musical, Rodrigo in Le Cid among others:

About Daniel Limor

A former commander in the Mossad, Daniel Limor is responsible for rescuing thousands of Ethiopians from war ravaged villages via Sudan, and bringing them to freedom in Israel.

In 1982, Prime Minister Menachem Begin was determined to rescue the long-lost Ethiopian Jewish tribe, Beta Israel. It was Mossad commander Limor who spent four and half years devoted to the mission involving Mossad agents and Israeli navy seals. Limor, the mind behind the mission, recounted how the plan was conceived.

This bond inspired Limor to dub the mission “Operation Brothers”, and he found that the similarities between himself and the Ethiopians was stronger than he might have originally thought. Operation Brothers ended abruptly in 1984, when an Israeli politician bragged publicly about the mission. The Israelis evacuated the resort overnight, leaving behind plenty of scuba-diving tourists who would wake the next morning to find that the entire senior staff had deserted them. The operation increased the number of Ethiopian Jews in Israel more than 5 000%, and became the precursor to subsequent daring rescues.

Today, there are more than 130 000 Ethiopian Jews living in Israel. Said Limor, “Most of the immigrants became leaders in society in every branch of Israel. They decided on their own that they wanted to be a part of Israel.” The triumph of Limor’s mission has recently been brought to life on Netflix with the launch of The Red Sea Diving Resort, a film inspired by the operation.

Limor is retired, but continues to be actively involved in and beyond Israeli society. He founded the first non-orthodox pre-military school for social leadership in Israel, and engages with remote Jewish communities in South America and Africa.

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