An original DIY headband-making kit is now available on Amazon

A DIY headband-making kit is now available on The kit which has been launched in the USA marketplace is being sold by toy and craft company, Mazichands. While making the announcement on the availability of the product on, Mazichands CEO,

Raj Aryan said that the headband for girls is a perfect gift for the holiday season, especially on rainy days when children spend most of their time in doorsand would like to engage in creative activities. “It is a great creative gift to give to your little girls, niece or daughter or even a friend, empowering them to transform the beautiful satin headbands in their own style and give great accessories,” said Aryan while adding that the kit can be a great tool to get the kids away from the screen and engage them in interactive activities helping them to develop and enhance their creative capabilities.


Aryan says that the kit is designed for small children, making it a perfect gift as well as a tool to improve creativity… The kit has been described as a to keep kids busy as they engage in a fun activity. “As a parent, you will be amazed at how this DIY craft kit keeps children busy and entertained; it is the perfect gift you can give to your daughter You will not only improve her creativity but also allow her to create something when at home,“ said Aryan while outlining how the DIY kit can be beneficial to the little ones.

Easy to assemble and use

The kit is made for small hands.Aryan describes it as easy to assemble and use. “The little ones once shown how to assemble and use can do this pretty well. Small hands can do this on their own and together with their mum, they can also make simple DIY craft,” The kit comes fully packed, containing everything that an artistic young girl will require to make headbands, ribbons, colorful flowers, and other adorable accessories.

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About Mazichand’s Headbands Kit

Mazichand’s Headbands Kit is a creative crafting kit for hair accessories for girls. This kit is jam-packed full of fun! With a helpful how-to guide along with headbands and much more!

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