Spectrum Tracking Provides Security and Real-Time GPS Tracking To Parents and Families, Providing Peace Of Mind In The Digital Age

Louisville, KY – Spectrum Tracking, a new mobile application by Spectrum Tracking INC, is bringing security and safety to parents, children, and families. The innovative application uses GPS technology to track the location of anyone with the application installed on their mobile device, allowing parents and families to monitor each other’s real-time location.

With Spectrum Tracking, know where your child, teen, or young adult is at a moment’s notice. Monitor their location after school, keep a close eye on them in a busy city, or follow their route as they drive around town. Set and receive text alerts in real-time and enjoy peace of mind as Spectrum Tracking monitors your child’s well-being. No matter where they go, Spectrum Tracking maintains a watchful eye with its robust array of safety features and functionalities

Spectrum Tracking supports four main features. With a real-time monitor, users can check a child’s current location and speed from their smartphone with a simple, intuitive map. Users can also run replays to see when and where their vehicle or child was since the application was installed, and can even obtain reports that detail traffic stops, travel speeds, dangerous driving behaviors, engine idles, and more. With added monitoring of mileage and fuel usage, define speed and move alerts while controlling other in-application features to stay in the loop and monitor your child.

Based on the largest LTE network in the U.S. and on a robust router network from Cisco and the Google Cloud Server, Spectrum Tracking coverage spans the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and 120+ countries and regions, making Spectrum Tracking a proud leader in real-time GPS monitoring for parents and families. 

Striving to provide the best service to its customers, Spectrum Tracking maintains a robust customer support system. To learn more, please visit SpectrumTracking.com/Teenager

To download the application from the Apple iOS Store, please click here. To download the application from the Google Play Store, please click here.

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