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What does it take to be successful in life? Why are some people great when it comes to relationships, school, or career? Are successful people really “more intelligent” than others? Is it about having a good education or coming from a well-to-do background? Is it dumb luck or is it about simply working hard until the eventual pay-off?

All of these factors one way or another and affect how far in life an individual gets but experts agree that what spells the difference between those who simply do and those who do well is a little thing called confidence.

Confidence is a trait that can be described as the belief in oneself and one’s capabilities. This belief must be tempered by a realistic assessment of one’s maximum capacity or certainty with things. It is said that this makes an important difference between confidence and being delusional. But then again, the distinction is not as clear-cut because many notable personalities in history have been branded delusional early on only for them to prove their detractors wrong later. Names like Galileo Galilei (heliocentric planetary system), Mahatma Gandhi (non-violent resistance) and Rosa Parks (civil rights) are a few that come to mind.

Most people don’t have to deal with world-changing concerns to struggle with confidence. For most of us, accomplishing more mundane things is challenge enough ‑ like asking a girl (or boy) on a date, pursuing a calling, or starting a business. The biggest question is how does one become confident?

To answer the question, it’s important to understand that confidence is a perception of how one is correct about things. For example, an entrepreneur may think that his new product fills an empty niche in the market and that there will be a great demand for it. He perceives that his market assumption is likely correct; thus, he becomes confident about selling his product and making a business out of it.

Confidence is also linked to competence. The more you know about something, the more confident you are about it. An example would be a new hire in a company that provides job training. The further along the new hire is in the training program, the more confident he becomes about being able to do his new job right. The proverb “knowledge is power” is true.

To build confidence, two things need to be done. First, one must find ways to perceive things in a different light. For example, a likely rejection can prevent a person from attempting to begin a relationship with another. On the other hand, not trying will certainly bring zero chance of any relationship. As they say in basketball, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. And so the first secret to building confidence is to change perception.

The second secret is that one needs to train, develop, improve, educate or up-skill oneself to become more competent. Whether it’s about understanding oneself more and learning to appreciate oneself better to build self-confidence, or learning from the expertise and experience of others who have been successful in business to build business confidence, one should endeavor to learn more about becoming confident.

To further help individuals build confidence, an online self-help provider offers practical short courses aimed at applying techniques in perception change and self-development. That provider is offers courses like “Think Successful, Be Successful,” which is about developing a success mindset. The course provides insights into how famously successful industry leaders think and how they manage themselves to accomplish their goals. also offers other courses on motivation, self-affirmation, and optimism. These courses are designed to change attitudes and perceptions which in turn bolster self-confidence. also offers how-to courses like stress management, developing concentration, and creative visualization. Becoming well-versed in any of these will certainly add to business and career confidence. has always been a partner in helping people better themselves, particularly in the confidence department. empowers people to change for the better through their thoughtful selection of affordable and practical online courses.

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