Awakening Youth and Dreams for the Future Chorus of 10,000 People – CDF 2020 China International (Hainan) Vitality Spring Festival Gala Concludes

On the evening of January 18, 2020, under the guidance of the Sanya Municipal People’s Government and the Propaganda Department of the Sanya Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the CDF 2020 China International (Hainan) Vitality Spring Festival Gala (hereinafter referred to as the Vigorous Spring Festival Gala), sponsored by Hainan Radio and Television Station (Group) and Haitang District People’s Government and exclusively named by China Duty Free Group Sanya City Duty Free Store Co., Ltd., was opened in Sanya Haitangwan Duty Free Store Phase III.  

Zhou Jun, vice mayor of Sanya municipal government, Cao Zhaochen, deputy general manager of Hainan Radio, Film and Television Media Group, Jun Fu, deputy secretary-general of Sanya Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wu Qingjiang, secretary of Haitang District Committee, and Liu Chang, a Chinese soprano, came to guide the the Spring Festival Gala and offered their blessings on the spot.  CCTV,,, Hainan Radio and Television Station (Group) and other media carried out special reports on the spot. Hainan Radio and Television Station (Group) broadcast live on the internet, attracting a total of over 9.3995 million viewers worldwide by the end of the day.

With the concept of “presenting a fashionable, energetic and enthusiastic Hainan”, the Spring Festival Gala has invited many music stars.  Taking the theme of “China’s Year & National Coast” and the traditional festival of the New Year’s Eve as an opportunity, it displays the new image of the coastal city and advocates the idea of healthy life. It focuses on reviewing and presenting the new features and achievements in Sanya’s construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone (port) since the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, preparation for the 6th Asian Beach Games in 2020, and building a world-class tropical coastal tourist city.

Holding night cultural performances such as the Vitality Spring Festival Gala provides Hainan residents and tourists with a platform for cultural+and tourism+consumption. It has developed Hainan’s tourism economy increased consumption genres, built recreational space shared with tourists, promoted upgrading of consumption at night, and promoted high-quality development of Hainan’s economy.

In Sanya, there is a yearning to celebrate the Chinese New Year in warm temperatures. People’s yearning for a better life is the goal of the Chinese Communist Party and government. The creative arrangement of “fashion+vitality+culture+international” brings impressive emotional experience and resonance to the audience. Let the audience experience the beauty, wonder, ingenuity, and interest of world art, as well as the long-term charm and contemporary style of Hainan culture. In 2020, may the motherland be prosperous and strong.  May Hainan march right ahead courageously.  May the good things stay forever, and may everyone not forget today’s agreement!

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