DUI Lawyers Over 80 Law Celebrate 40th Anniversary in Toronto

DUI Lawyers Over 80 Law Celebrate 40th Anniversary in Toronto

Toronto, Canada – Over 80 Law, DUI Lawyers in Toronto, is pleased to celebrate its 40th anniversary of defending clients from DUI charges. The firm’s knowledge in The Criminal Code of Canada, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Highway Traffic Act, and many other Federal and Provincial Legislations and Regulations, has sustained its competitive practice over the years. From impaired driving to DUI cases, the Toronto-based lawyers are happy to represent their valued clients. The firm maintains that they treat any case they receive with the highest priority and respect.

As the laws around DUI are ever-changing, Over 80 Law prides itself on keeping up to date with the vagaries associated with DUI charges. Alongside this, to better protect clients against charges of impaired driving in Toronto, the attorneys employ the help of specialised toxicologists and lawyers within the firm. These specialists have training and experience working with the instruments used to detect alcohol on the breath. The DUI lawyers can guarantee that their practice has the right training and experience to handle a breadth of claims.

Over 80 Law also staff Toronto criminal lawyers who assist with bail hearing and appeals. The firm has handled numerous bail hearings over the years and maintains its experience with appeals. It promises communication and clear-cut advice to its clients.  

Steven Price, the leading partner of Over 80 Law, has been practising law since 1976, maintaining experience, discretion, and expertise. He specialises in drunk driving cases. Not only has Steven gained a large amount of knowledge in defending drink driving cases, but he has also presented seminars on the subject, chaired the Continuing Education Impaired Driving Seminar, and has written numerous published articles on the topic. 

The firm covers many other offenses, some of which may not fall under the Criminal Code of Canada, such as Possession, Trafficking, and Cultivation. Other offenses that the firm has covered include Dangerous Driving, Theft, Fraud, Assault, Domestic/Sexual Assault, and Robbery. As Over 80 Law celebrates its anniversary and looks ahead to more years of success, they promise experience, range, and flexibility as well as discretion and sensitivity surrounding all these issues and more.

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