Fixed hybrid dentures offer worry-free, improved comfort says Greenville, SC Dentist

Greenville, SA – Those seeking a more permanent alternative to traditional dentures are in luck. Known as fixed hybrid dentures, these implants and denture combo are an ideal choice for patients with failing or missing teeth.

Dr. Susan Maxwell with Carolina Oaks Dental Care in Greenville, SA., explained the concept and benefits of fixed hybrid dentures during an interview with

“Most people complain about traditional dentures because they’re bulky and uncomfortable and they’re not attached to anything, so they come in and out and flop around,” Maxwell says. It is this movement of the upper and lower dentures that can affect the sense of taste, and greatly increase the difficulty with eating. Not so with fixed hybrids.

Unlike traditional acrylic-based dentures that are completely removable, fixed hybrid dentures are fastened to the jawbone via titanium screws covered in micro pores. As time passes, bone will grow into the pores, further securing the implants into the jaw.

Fixed hybrids are also less likely to affect one’s speech, as traditional dentures are rather bulky and have a tendency to constantly shift and even pop out of one’s mouth. Maxwell says some patients prefer to simply adapt their current dentures into fixed hybrids, or have new implants made which may be more aesthetic and natural looking.

In addition to the better strength, the fixed hybrids also have the potential to last decades, with little maintenance. “In an ideal world I’d love them to last 10, 20, 30, and 40 years. And they certainly can if you take care of them.”

Dr. Maxwell says her practice specializes in implementing fixed hybrid dentures, and she and her colleagues are more than happy to consult anyone interested in learning more about the process.

Dr. Maxwell completed dental school at the Medical University in South Carolina before completing her residency at Carolinas Medical Center. Carolina Oaks Dental Care can be reached by telephone at 864-235-3949.


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